Must Like Cats

Author: Viola Grace
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 109

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Must Like Cats

Her life is in chaos, her mind holds a secret, and her body has betrayed her. How is your weekend?

Renner is an excellent personal assistant. Whether in male or female form, they always fit in. When her boss became a mate, it changed the dynamic of her job. When she met the first of four mates, Renner knew that her life was changing as well. Being rejected was difficult, but her friends took action and tried to get her a mate as fast as possible with the caveat that the alphas must like cats.
When her life was empty, she opened a cat café and shelter to help the little beasts that looked soft but were vulnerable and deadly at the same time. It had worked to keep her occupied, but now she wanted more. Three alphas and an omega are more than she expected.
Tuesday has heavy secrets, and she wants nothing more than to keep them, but the time is right, and she can finally connect with her sister again. Renner is shocked, and her memories are blank, but now that the block Tuesday placed is fading, they have family again.
Renner learns that her twin is more than she remembered, and an Elite omega is finally moving into the city with her very noticeable mates. Things are getting interesting.