Room Sixteen: Watching You

Author: Kaci Rose
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 32

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Room Sixteen: Watching You

I'm lost in the seductive world of Club Sin, and I'm about to cross a line with my dad's best friends.


Here I am, in the heart of New Orleans, playing a game I never thought I'd dare.
Club Sin's doors have opened to a world where Brooks, Conner, and Finn, my dad's best friends are mine, if only for a night.
Each moment with them is a flirtatious dance, a challenge to see how far they will go.
Each moment with them is a step further into uncharted territory.
Each whisper and touch pushes me closer to a decision that could change everything.

I've always played the role of the charming flirt with ease.
But when I find myself at Club Sin, face to face with my best friend daughter the game changes.
She's not just any woman; she's a forbidden temptation that challenges every rule I've known.
Her presence turns my world upside down, making me question the lines between right and wrong.
Every stolen moment with her is a rush, a forbidden thrill.
Do I keep her and risk the fallout, or walk away from the one woman who's managed to captivate my heart?

I've always been the one who takes risks, but Ella is the biggest risk I've ever considered
She's the daughter of my best friend, a line I've never crossed until Club Sin.
But there's something about her that challenges every restraint I have.
Each encounter with her is a mix of thrill and fear - the thrill of what could be, and the fear of the consequences.
I'm playing with fire and yet, with Ella, I don't think I'd mind getting burned.

I've always been the more reserved one, watching from the sidelines, until Ella walks into Club Sin.
Her allure is a siren call, challenging the very foundations of my restraint.
The stakes have never been higher – pursuing her means risking everything I hold dear.
Should I give in to this tempest of desire, or will I remain the silent watcher, tormented by 'what could have been'?

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