Room Twenty-Four: Under Their Hands

Author: Tamrin Banks
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 27

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Room Twenty-Four: Under Their Hands

Violetta Winters:
I run a million-dollar company and everything I do is scrutinized and criticized. All my days are taken up with what seems like life and death choices for my company and it ends up triggering a massive panic attack. My best friend, Alexia, gives me an invitation to Club Sin to "get your head straight" as she says. Get a well-deserved break. I almost don't go but when I do, I run into three men who look at me like I'm a dessert they can't wait to taste. Three men...all of whom want to help me, control me, release my pressures and get myself out of my head. I need to just be in the moment. I don't want to think, I just want to feel. And what I feel when I'm under their relief and something stronger that might just end up changing all of our lives.
Bruno Bugato:
I'm the muscle for my boss, the head of the Mantoni family. We've been friends since we were children but he's the golden boy and I'm just a cog in the massive wheel of his family. I like my job though. There is one thing I need though. Full control and release from a woman. I'm not a dainty man. I'm rough and a little crazy. But if she gives me everything, I'll give her the same and protect her with every breath in my body. As soon as I see Violetta, I know, this woman is worth all my breaths. I would die for her. But she needs more than just me. Can I come together with my brothers and give her everything she needs?
Marco Mantoni:
My two best friends and I often come to the club looking for a woman for a short session. I don't need much. Just a willing woman willing to submit completely. Violetta is a revelation. She's beautiful and classy. Way too good for the likes of us. But she's a woman that would break just one man. My brothers and I will take care of all her needs, all her desires. But when all of us want more with her than just one night, can we all come together to make a home for our little dove?
Seth Santini:
As the fix-it man, I'm used to fixing all the family's troubles. But when we run across Violetta, there's nothing to do but try to win her over. Try to keep her happy, give her everything she needs. That's the only way to fix this. All of us want her, want to love her, protect her and keep her. And when someone threatens us by trying to take her? I will fix that. My brothers and I will make sure that the guilty party pays after we get her back and then, we're gonna lock down our pretty dove for good. She's ours forever and nothing will ever take her away.

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