Journey's Peace

Author: Ember Davis
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 18

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Journey's Peace

Living in a small town is great…until one moment causes everyone you care about to turn their back on you in disappointment. The entire town of Christmas Falls can look down at me because I was a teen mom, but I wouldn’t trade my Shiloh for anything. Being her mom gave me a purpose while making me grow up.

I’ve made a life for my daughter and myself with my head held up high, not caring about what anyone says about me. She’s my only focus and my entire life is devoted to my eight-year-old. Until Tanner comes roaring into my life on the back of his bike.

I don’t know how I missed the man, but it’s probably because I kept my head down and lived for my daughter. Tanner bulldozes his way into my life and gives me a reason to live for myself. I just hope that nothing tries to get in the way of the forever he’s gifting me.

After leaving the military, I was a changed man. I needed a purpose and an outlet. I found my purpose with my brothers and riding with Christmas Falls MC where I’m known for my level head. I found an outlet with the women looking for a thrill with a biker for a night.

I’m happy with my life. At least, I thought I was until I meet Journey and her daughter Shiloh. I never considered having an old lady and I certainly never considered a kid. Now, I’m desperate for both and I won’t let anything stop me from claiming them both as mine.

I never thought Christmas Falls was the kind of place to turn their back on one of their own, but I see the pain in Journey’s eyes and the way people look down at her. For Christmas this year I’m giving her back everything that was taken from her and a future neither of us imagined. No one better get in my way because they might call me Peacemaker, but that doesn’t mean I won’t defend what is mine.