The Redheads

Author: Rebecca Royce
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 226

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The Redheads

Meet the Radford triplets, Layla, Hope, and Bridget – redheads with fiery spirits and hearts ready for trouble. In this sizzling collection, each sister finds love in the most unexpected places.

Layla's story kicks off with a runaway bride moment in Paris, landing straight into the arms of the intriguing Zeke Scott. It's all dangerous deals and forbidden sparks from there.

Then there's Hope, juggling a temp job and a tumultuous love affair with hunky chef Max Broadley. Their hot-and-heavy connection takes a nosedive thanks to a little mishap, turning up the heat for a second chance at love.

Finally, Bridget's life turns upside down when she's nearly shipped off to marry a mobster. Enter Michael Li, her ex-bodyguard, now her sizzling protector, leading them on a wild chase filled with danger and undeniable chemistry.

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