Hate On

Author: Bella Love-Wins
Category: Romance | Erotic | Crime | Adult
Total pages: 78

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Hate On

Never fall for the enemy.

He deceived her.
She double-crossed him.
They should hate each other to the core, but neither one of them can stay away.
The second his eyes met Julianna’s, he knew he was in trouble. Then she said his name out loud and everything changed.
She was the enemy, and that couldn't change easily. Their families had been feuding since before either of them was born.
When the diamond deal of a lifetime fell into their families' laps, with the condition that only one family would be left standing, he was sure this was it. He had a chance to make a name for himself and step out from under his father's control.
There was just one problem.
He'd signed up to seduce, deceive and lay waste to Julianna's heart. 
Plans were already set in motion.
Once she found out, it would ruin her.
It was a terrible idea to crave her.
But he did.
Now, he's the one who can't let go. Now, he's in too deep.
The first time she saw Roman from across the room, she knew.
The tall, dark, and possessive alpha wanted to own her.
Those intense blue eyes told her everything.
She just didn't expect their chemistry to be off the charts.
But he would surely despise her once he discovered the truth: that two could play the game he'd started in the boardroom.
Julianna was no fool. She knew the art of the double-cross, and saw Roman's cocky tricks -- and his generous package -- coming at her from a mile away.
Now, she's about to find out that sometimes, faking it turns into something real. 

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