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‘And I want to hear what went on.’

‘I’m sure one of your team will fill you in.’ Picking up her briefcase, she tried to move past him.

‘But I want you to tell me.’

‘OK, then, shut the door.’ She stayed where she was while he crossed the room to see to it. ‘You couldn’t even be bothered to make the meeting, so why are you so interested now in what went on?’

‘My interest in the deal has never wavered.’

‘Unlike your interest in our agreement?’

Leaning back on the door, he stared at her. ‘Stop this, Lisa. I called the meeting, didn’t I?’

‘So you should have been here when it started—except you couldn’t be, because you had to be somewhere else, somewhere more important.’

‘I thought it was agreed that we have no hold over each other.’

‘No hold over each other? So, that night we spent in bed was simply recreation for you—a little pleasure on the side? Didn’t you think there might be consequences?’

‘Consequences? Why should there be consequences? I took precautions.’

Lisa’s face flamed red. Tino was always top of the class where practicalities were concerned. He had wanted a few guilt-free hours of pleasure, of release—it meant no more to him than that. But was she any better? She had lost control, and now she had to pay the price—but not for very much longer. ‘You’ll have to find someone else to fill you in on the meeting, Tino.’

He stood aside to let her pass, but as she swept past he reached out and stopped her. ‘Are you coming to the dinner tonight?’

‘At the fish restaurant? No—I’m going to start my packing this evening.’ She stared coldly at his hand on her arm.

‘Of course, you must have a lot of things to pack. Would you like me to have some extra suitcases brought to your room?’

She reddened, second-guessing his thoughts. ‘I’m going to pay you for everything. It’s all—’ She stopped, feeling


‘Chosen with care,’ he murmured sardonically.

She knew that wasn’t true. Holding his gaze, she smiled faintly. They really were as bad as each other. ‘I can just imagine.’

‘So, we’ll meet again tomorrow morning?’

This time Tino not only stood back, but held the door wide for her, and Lisa felt that deserved a little information: ‘We may be able to sign before Friday—things went really well this morning.’

‘I shall have to confirm that with my team.’

Wasn’t her word good enough? She firmed her voice. ‘And I’ll be leaving the moment we sign.’

‘We have an agreement.’

‘An agreement you broke.’

‘I’m here now.’

‘That’s hardly the point. You were the one who said we couldn’t cherry-pick agreements.’

‘I had to be somewhere else.’ His mouth flattened uncompromisingly.

Secrets… always secrets. ‘You can’t just bend our agreement to suit yourself.’

‘I’d say we’ve got a pretty good agreement. Didn’t you say we’re about to cut a deal in record time?’

‘I’ll see you tomorrow, Tino.’

He stood in her way.

‘Do you mind?’ She waited, but this time he didn’t stand aside.

Closing the door, he locked it. ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’

‘I have another proposition for you.’

‘It’s too late for that, Tino. I’ve got everything I could possibly want from you.’

‘I don’t think so,’ he argued softly.

‘I must have missed something.’

‘What have you missed, Lisa? This?’

Before she could respond he dragged her close. She whipped her face away when he tried to kiss her.

‘Let’s get rid of this first.’ Seizing her briefcase, he tossed it onto a chair.

‘What do you think you’re doing? Don’t play games with me, Tino! Let me out of here right now.’

‘If I thought you really wanted to leave, I’d let you go immediately.’

‘You don’t know what I want.’ She fought him. ‘I don’t believe this.’