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Nayome stared at the blank screen on her cell as the call disconnected. So it had been Gabe who had spoken to her office. Probably while she was tied up and blindfolded on his couch.

Gabe had a…compelling way about him. Nayome didn’t blame James for thinking everything had been above board.

Nayome fell back, sinking into the plush, dove white duvet in her room’s queen bed, shutting her eyes for a second.

What to do.

Before she had dialed CRINA to get in touch with her boss, Fran from the front desk had rung her room’s landline. She had not been able to find any available rooms at their partner hotels in Glasgow. Nayome had also done a bit of research and not come up with anything promising.

Rubbing her temples, trying to release some of the tension headache that was building, Nayome felt like she was out of options.

Well, almost out of options.

Pulling the small, blank card Balfor had scrawled his number on, Nayome chewed her lower lip as she considered her situation. If she was going to be stuck here for a few more days, maybe she could satiate her curiosity a bit. As much as she tried to rationalize it, something fantastic had happened to her in that forest.

Even the consideration of calling him had her body tensing with anticipation.

She had to know. She needed answers. Before she lost her nerve, Nayome started dialing.

Balfor’s deep, warm voice enveloped her as he answered before the second ring.


She shivered at the sound of her name. It seemed more intimate than it had before, maybe because she had the phone pressed right against her ear.

“Balfor. How did you know it was me?”

“I don’t give my number out often. Is everything alright?”

Taken aback, Nayome responded, “Yeah, well, why wouldn’t it be?”

“Just making sure.”

“It’s looking like I’m here for a few more days. I called because…”

“You want answers.”

“Yes. But I have terms.”

“Of course.” Balfor sounded amused.

“Public. I don’t want to see you one on one.”

“Tell me where and when, I’m fine with those terms.”

Nayome had noticed a few places nearby that may work. There was a restaurant a couple of blocks from her hotel, with a huge patio that was open for dinner. “Meet me at Agatha’s, six o’clock? Just you.”

“Excellent choice. It’s a date.”

“It’s a meeting,” Nayome corrected.

Balfor just chuckled and hung up.

* * *

Nayome arrived a bit early at Agatha’s, wanting to scope out a good seat. She wanted enough privacy to speak freely about all the strange stuff that was happening, but not so much privacy that she would be in any danger of being left alone with Balfor.

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