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I brought my mouth back to her clit and licked and sucked her as I fucked her with my fingers. Faster and harder until her legs tensed in climax, her thighs practically crushing my skull as she released her hot juices over my fingers.

When her core ceased clenching around them, I slowly removed my hand and went to grab a condom. I looked around and I didn’t even remember where the fuck I had thrown my jeans.

“Damn it!”

“There are…some…in my nightstand top drawer,” Anne said.

I didn’t hesitate. I opened the drawer and fumbled inside for the foil packet. What I came across was a vibrator. If I didn’t need my aching cock inside her right now, I’d bring that back with me, too. I’m sure we could have some fun with it. Maybe later.

Finally, I found a condom, put it on, and rushed back to the living room. Anne was still lying on her back, her legs wide open, but her eyes closed. I could tell by the heaving of her breasts that she was still trying to catch her breath.

Kneeling between her legs, I gripped her ass and pulled it to the edge. Then I slid my cock inside her and we both groaned in pleasure. Her body felt so damn good clenched around my cock. It never wanted it to end. We fit like we were made for each other. I didn’t believe in such things, but nothing had ever been like it is with Anne. Not the laughs, the ease of conversation, and definitely not the mind-blowing sex.

I was not prepared for the emotions that Anne brought out in me. It wasn’t just physical. There was so much more, and it was…almost overwhelming. I closed my eyes and forced myself to think about how good it felt to be inside her. But there was no escaping these feelings. I just wasn’t sure what they were.

Anne reached up and touched my cheek. “Are you okay?”

I looked into her honey brown eyes and knew that right now, I was. I was here with her. And right now is all that matters.

I nodded and slowly started to move in and out of her. Her hand raked down my chest and finally rested back on the couch. As I increased the pace, in and out, faster and faster, I couldn’t take my eyes off her face. She arched and moaned. I wanted to watch her come as I slammed inside her.

Over and over again, I thrust back into her body, sending sensations through me so intense that I barely could control my own release.

I pounded into her until I felt her body spasm around me.

“Yes…” she screamed, thrashing from side to side, her core clenching me tightly.

I plunged one last time into her and my body exploded into a release so intense, I thought I would black out. It was more powerful than anything I’ve ever experienced before, and my body shuddered from the wave of pleasure that pulsed through me.

Although I was gasping for breath, I mustered all the strength I could and stood. Taking a few deep breathes I bent over and scooped her into my arms. Anne barely was able to wrap her arms around my neck. Even as I carried her to her bed, my legs trembled, and felt weak. I was spent physically, but I had given her my whole self, my soul, and in return, I received hers. I felt filled with something so beautiful I had no words to describe it.

Gently I laid her on the bed and she sighed, then rolled onto her side. I pulled the sheets up around her and slipped into bed. Neither of us spoke as we lay snuggled so close you’d think we were one.

I wouldn’t allow myself to sleep. What if what I feel right now vanishes when I closed my eyes? I needed to hold on to it as long as possible. My heart pounded in my chest with a feeling that almost brought me to tears. And the fair that I might not ever feel it again, scared the shit out of me,

Lying there and holding her tenderly, I listened to her sweet purr as she drifted off. My lids became heavy, but I forced them to stay open. Anne has become someone I couldn’t picture not having in my life. But the painful truth was, one way or another, it would. She’d learn what I’d been doing behind her back, and then she’d hate me.

Good night, sweetheart.

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