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Chapter Sixteen


“Aunt Trixi, what are you talking about? That makes no sense at all. I’m not inquiring about a property,” I said.

“Are you sure? I mean the talk in the diner is that you are,” Trixi said.

“Are you going to believe rumors over your own niece? I mean, what purpose would I have in lying, anyway? We’re in this together,” I said. “Even if you forgot and left me to do it all alone.”

“First of all, I didn’t leave you alone. I believe I left one extremely handsome young man to help you with whatever you need. And if I’m correct in my assumption, he’s done plenty of that,” Trixi said with a snicker.

I wasn’t in the mood for Aunt Trixi to joke with me. This was serious. Someone was out there spreading rumors that could be detrimental to my livelihood. And not just mine, but all the employees at the club. I didn’t want to believe it, but I knew Aunt Trixi wouldn’t lie to me.

“What should I do?” I asked.

“I would go right to the Mayor’s office and set things straight. Oh, maybe stop at the diner, too. After all, it’s more effective than going to the newspaper,” she replied.

Ain’t that the truth.I needed to get to the bottom of this and quickly. There was no reason for my name or the club to come up in conversation anywhere. “Who would benefit from starting a rumor like this?”

“Honey, I don’t know. Did you have a falling out with anyone at the club?” she asked.

“No. Well, I did have an issue with some patrons. But really, they were having an issue amongst themselves. I just got in the way,”

“What are you talking about?” Trixi asked with concern.

“Two men who should’ve been cut off got a bit loud and physical. I made the mistake of trying to intervene.”

“Oh, my God. Are you okay? Why didn’t you tell me?” Trixi blurted.

“Because it was no big deal. Just a few bruises. And it won’t happen again. Andrew has been there every night working the door. And starting tonight, we have a bouncer.”

“Really? How did you find him?” Trixi asked.

“Andrew did.” I seem to be saying that a lot. Andrew this and Andrew that. When did he become so involved in my business?

“I guess having him around has been good for the business, too. Maybe I should stay away longer,” Trixi said.

“He’s only here one more night, remember? I doubt he wants to keep working at the club for free.” I don’t think he wants to be in Bermoose a second longer than he has to, either.

“Too bad. I thought for sure you two had something…special. Guess I was wrong.”

I wish you weren’t.Although I missed Aunt Trixi, I’d gotten used to Andrew being here. It wasn’t going to be the same when he left. No matter how much I told myself to protect my heart, it was too late. I really liked him a lot.

Not a surprise, because generally, I didn’t have sex without having feelings for the person. I just never thought my feelings would be so strong. I’d been in love before, and that was nothing like this. Which will make it all the more painful when it comes to an end.

Changing the subject, I asked, “What time are you arriving tomorrow?”

“I was serious. I don’t need to come right back.”

“Aunt Trixi, this is your house. I’m the guest. If anyone should be here, it’s you,” I argued.

“I was thinking about selling it,” she said.

“What? Why?” I couldn’t believe it. She had lived there as long as I could remember.

“It’s not the same without Carl. Did you know he had it built when we were just dating?”

“No, I didn’t. And you don’t want to stay here?” I asked.

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