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Those goose bumps turned into a full-body shiver when he growled, “I’m fucking starving, baby. But not for food.”



Cherry’s cheeks bloomed with pink, making the freckles sprinkled over her face look even more prominent. I licked my lips in anticipation of finding every one of those cute little spots all over her body. I turned with a determined stride and led her to my room as swiftly as possible without her tripping. When we finally arrived, I urged her inside with a pat on her delectable ass, then followed her in and locked the door behind me.

Erin stopped by the bed and glanced at me nervously. I took in the amount of shopping bags set on there and frowned, making her eyes widen. “That’s all you got, Cherry?”

She stared at me blankly for a moment, then burst out laughing. I loved the musical sound, and the way her face lit up made her even more beautiful.

I swaggered over to her and cupped her hips, waiting until she calmed down and smiled up at me. “I guess I need to have a talk with the girls about what I mean when I say, ‘everything she needs.’”

Erin shook her head. “No, they wanted me to get more, but I…I wasn’t sure if I should…”

“Cherry.” I took a hold of her chin and locked in on her pools of green. “You need or want something, you come to me. If it’s possible for me to give it to you, I will.”

“But—but,” she sputtered. “You don’t even know me.”

“I know enough,” I insisted softly. “Enough to know you’re mine.” Then I closed my mouth over hers and gently coaxed it open. When her lips parted, I plundered her sweetness and groaned at the flavor on my tongue.

Erin melted against me, her arms going around my neck to hold on tight. I was so much taller than her that her head had to bend nearly all the way back while I leaned over slightly. So, I palmed her ass and boosted her up, wrapping her legs around my waist.

My swollen cock nestled into the heat between her legs, and I groaned. I couldn’t wait to slide inside her tight, virgin pussy. But Erin wasn’t ready for that yet, and I wanted to see if her pussy was as sweet as her mouth.

When I tore my lips from hers, I grunted in satisfaction at the dazed expression on her face. Slowly, letting every inch of her body touch mine, I slid her down onto her feet. “Stay, baby,” I told her. She blinked and a little chuckle escaped as I turned and swept everything off the bed, uncaring where any of the bags landed.

Then I picked Erin up by her waist and tossed her onto the mattress, quickly following her so my body covered hers from head to toe. I took her mouth in another deep hungry kiss, groaning when she shook with desire, her hands clawing at my back.

I separated from her just long enough to grab the hem of her T-shirt and whipped it up and over her head. Her hands pushed my cut from my shoulders, and I shrugged it off. As soon as it was gone, she tugged at my shirt and I removed it too.

Erin’s bra clasped in the front, and I dropped my eyes from her face to watch as I popped the catch and pushed the cups to the side. Her tits weren’t large, but they were a perfect handful, topped with tips that matched her nickname. Like cherries on a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Except I was willing to bet she tasted even better.

I cupped the high, rounded mounds and bent my head to suck one hard peak into my mouth. Erin gasped and her back arched while her legs squeezed together. Switching to the other nipple, I let go of her tits and gently pried her legs apart so I could settle between her thighs. She moaned when the bulge in my pants rocked into her hot pussy, and a surge of lust shot straight to my dick, nearly causing me to come like a horny teenager.

After releasing her nipple with a pop, I groaned, “Need to taste you.”

I popped the button on her jeans, then backed off the bed to tear them down her legs. She had on tiny, lacy black panties, and my mouth watered when I realized that they were opaque enough to see that she was bare down there. “Shit,” I grunted. I ran the tip of one finger up her center and dipped into her underwear to slide it along the top, enjoying the shivers that wracked her body. “Tell me you didn’t do this for someone else, Cherry,” I demanded.

“What?” she asked in a dazed tone, looking down at herself and blinking in confusion as she seemed to realize she was practically nude for the first time.

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