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She chuckled and patted her hair, trying to tame it so she didn’t look like we’d been making out like horny teenagers. “No, you’re right. I can’t ditch out on Ireland after missing the rehearsal.” She slipped her arm through mine and lifted her chin toward the door. “So," she said as I held the door open for her. “Tell me about these tracks.”

I didn’t get a chance because the second we walked into the reception hall, we were pulled into bridal party duties. By the time everything was done, and the bride and groom had left for their honeymoon, we were both exhausted. Probably brought on by the fact that we’d had very little sleep the night before. Not that I was complaining. I’d trade sleep for sex with Wendy every time.

We swayed to a slow song on the dance floor, and Wendy yawned adorably. “Let’s get you to bed,” I suggested softly.

She perked up and lifted her gaze to mine, smiling seductively. “Excellent idea.”

I laughed and hugged her before letting her go and taking her hand. “You need sleep, little firecracker.”

Wendy scoffed. “I need your cock.”

I almost tripped at her response and burst into laughter. “You got it,” I replied when I could breathe again.

Scout stood off to the side, staring at us with a brooding frown, but he didn’t make a move toward us or say anything as we left.

I lifted my chin and was relieved when he returned the gesture. No one would come between my woman and me, but that didn’t mean I wanted to be at odds with Scout for the rest of my life. He was my VP and my friend, but more than that, it would hurt Wendy if Scout and I couldn’t reconcile. His response had been an olive branch, and it lifted a weight off my shoulders.

“I’ll have one of the boys take your car home,” I muttered as we hurried out to mine. She nodded, and we were on our way to the Silver Saints compound in minutes. Thankfully, it was less than twenty minutes from the reception. I parked the car and jumped out, racing around to help Wendy out as well. Then I tossed her over my shoulder and practically ran into the clubhouse, ignoring everyone as I made a beeline for the stairs, taking them two at a time.

We reached my room, and I had Wendy on her back with my dick buried deep inside her in record time. Several hours later, we collapsed on the bed in exhaustion. She rolled into my arms, and I tucked her into my body, resting my chin on the top of her head and a hand over her stomach.

“If I hadn’t already, pretty sure I knocked you up tonight,” I murmured with a grin.

“Why am I not surprised that we never had the protection talk because you immediately started trying to get me pregnant?” she replied, her voice colored with amusement.

“You said it yourself,” I quipped. “We move at warp speed.”

She giggled, then cuddled in a little closer. “I can’t wait to have your babies, Aiden.”

I smiled into her hair. “You’ll look sexy as fuck with a round belly, wearing my property patch, my ring, and nothing else.”

“Ring?” she gasped.

I looked down into her sparkling gray eyes and smirked. “Yeah, little firecracker. I told you. You’re all mine, and that means tying you to me in every way possible.”

“Aren’t you going to ask me?” she huffed.

“Nope,” I replied, letting the P pop.

Wendy sighed. “Do I at least get to pick out the ring?”

I shrugged. “Sure, baby. As long as it’s big enough that no one who looks at you can miss it.”



“Well,” Wendy drawled as I walked into the bathroom. “Mission accomplished.”

I grinned when I spotted the white stick in her hand. “Yeah?” It had only been two weeks since the first time we’d had sex. Not that I hadn’t spent every possible moment I could trying to make it happen. But between planning a wedding and searching for a house, it hadn’t been as often as I would have liked. Apparently, it hadn’t made a difference because I’d already put my kid in my woman’s belly. My chest puffed a little with pride. “Popped your cherry and knocked you up at the same time,” I bragged.

Wendy chuckled and patted my bare chest. “Yes, you did,” she agreed, speaking as if she were placating my ego. “Your sexual prowess is well established.”

My eyes narrowed, and I grabbed her ass, lifting her and setting her beside the sink. “Seems a demonstration on my ‘sexual prowess’ is in order.” I twisted the knot holding her towel together and let the material drop to her waist. I bent and took one of her diamond-hard nipples in my mouth while running a finger up her slit to test her wetness.

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