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The last seven or eight months of constant hard work have been how we were able to afford to take over the company we have just bought out. Don’t get me wrong, Jack is great at his job, and I wouldn’t want anyone else as my partner because I trust him entirely, but he would have been happy to coast along at our small size forever, whereas I wanted more. Because he was happy, it seemed only fair that if we were going to expand it should be me who put the time in to make it happen.

Anyway, that’s a little bit off topic. Where was I? Oh yes. Summer. Of course. It’s always Summer on my mind these days.

So that night in the line for the cab. I started talking to Summer without even having seen her face. I was a bit tipsy and feeling social and well, I just thought why not strike up a conversation. It would make the time spent waiting for a cab go by faster. So, I spoke to her and then she turned around and for the first time in a long time, I felt something for a woman.

I felt my cock responding to the sight of her, the smell of her. But it was more than just that. I’ve had a physical response to women since Chloe – of course I have – but this was more than that. As we chatted, I felt an emotional connection with her. I felt like she was someone I would very much like to get to know.

And I told her she was coming home with me. Yes, told her. Not asked her. I’m no weirdo. If she would have said no, I would have left it at that, but it didn’t feel weird telling her she was coming home with me. In fact, it felt like that was already a foregone conclusion and I was just confirming it out loud. And she just agreed like it was the most natural thing in the world.

We had the most amazing sex I have ever had. Chloe was very vanilla in the bedroom, even to the extent that she wouldn’t let me go down on her. I love eating a woman out and it was the first thing I did with Summer and her reaction told me she loved it too. I found myself comparing Summer to Chloe. I didn’t want to, but I found I couldn’t help it, and Summer came out the winner in every category. I knew then she was going to be dangerous to be around. How was I meant to be around someone so amazing and not develop any sort of feelings for her?

After the sex I fell asleep thinking about the dangers of Summer. I knew if I wanted her to be around, there was a good chance I was going to fall for her. It would only really be a matter of time. And I knew there was a better than average chance I would end up in love with her. And if that happened, I was leaving myself wide open to getting hurt again. I knew it was a huge risk and I wasn’t sure whether or not I was willing to take the risk.

I needn’t have worried. The decision was taken out of my hands by Summer. I woke up the next morning to find her gone. For a moment, I had to question if she had ever really existed anywhere but, in my dreams, but I could smell her perfume on my bed and I could smell her juices on my skin. Oh, she was real alright. But she was gone, and I had no way to contact her. I didn’t even know her name.

And for a while, that was ok. I kept finding her appearing in my thoughts, my dreams. And I liked fantasizing about her, both sexually and emotionally. She was the one that got away, the one who woke me back up to the possibility of love. And that was all she would ever be. And I would just have to be ok with that because what other choice did I have?

Of course, all of that was only until the day I walked into that damned conference room and found her arranging those chairs. At first, I thought it was a mistake, that I was seeing things, and this was just someone who looked a bit like her from behind. But then she turned around and I saw her face and it was her and I figured then it must have been a sign, that the gods themselves had sent her to me. But then she told me she hadn’t wanted anything more than a one-night stand and she still didn’t and I knew I would have to respect that and so I said I felt the same way about it too.

Yes, it was a little white lie but how awkward would it have been if she said that and I said, well, actually I think you might be the one so I’m just going to be over here wishing you would want me? Yeah, that was definitely not going to happen. The little white lie saved us both from a lot of embarrassment and it meant we could work together without any awkwardness. And it wasn’t like it was malicious. The only person who stood to potentially get hurt from it was me.

And so far, it seems to have worked out ok. We have managed to work together on this project without any awkwardness. I know there’s still a physical attraction there on both of our parts. Sometimes I look at Summer and I catch her staring at me. She always looks away quickly when that happens and that tells me more than the fact she happened to be looking in my direction when I glanced up. I like that she’s still attracted to me. I like that when I feel my cock responding to her presence, making me want her, that her pussy is most likely doing the same thing to her, making her want me.

True to our words, we’ve never acted on our attraction again, but other than that first half hour or so in the conference room, we’ve never been alone together. There has always been either my personal assistant or Summer’s secretary or another member of the team around. But tonight, we will be working alone, just the two of us in my office. And it’s late enough that pretty much everyone else will have gone home for the day.

I am nervous, despite the fact that I’ve already told myself that nothing will happen between us. Nothing can happen between us. I’m not ready to get my heart broken again and the fact that Summer feels a physical attraction for me and no more means that would be the most likely outcome of anything that did happen. So then why am I hoping against hope that something happens then?

Because like I said earlier that girl is dangerous to me.

I look up when there’s a light tap on my office door. The door is open, and I instantly see it’s Summer at the door.

“Come in,” I say.

She steps in and comes towards my desk. In her arms, she’s carrying a load of files. They press her dark blue dress against her shapely breasts, and for a moment, I see her nipples straining at the fabric but then she puts the files down on my desk and her dress loosens again and I can no longer see them.

She sits down on the chair opposite me and flicks open one of her files. She’s pointing to various features and talking me through them. I’m trying to listen, but I’m mesmerized by the sparkle in her brown eyes. One of her eyes is a solid brown but the other one seems to have flecks of gold through it that make it dance in the light. She is so beautiful.

“Are you listening?” she asks, looking up at me and smiling.

I nod my head but it’s clear to us both that I wasn’t, and I decide to just apologize and move on.

“Sorry,” I say. “I was thinking about something else. Carry on.”

She does and I force myself to listen to her words, not just the pretty cadence of her voice. And I force myself to look at her drawings, not at her shiny brown hair. And when she stands up so she can unfold one of the drawings and hold it up at full size, I’m sure to look only at the drawing, not at how her dress sits on the curves of her hips, curves my hand have been on, curves I want my hands to sit on once again.

By the time she’s finished presenting everything to me, two hours have gone by. Two hours of delicious sexual tension and two hours of longing. I know this isn’t one sided anymore. There have been more than a few stolen glances this evening. Summer is into me, and she is as aware as I am that this is the first time we’ve really been alone together since that first day in the conference room.

She has flicked her hair and ran her fingers down her neckline and over her breasts too many times for it to be innocent. She has made a point of fiddling with her hemline and drawing my eyes to her killer tanned legs. And when our hands accidentally touched, I heard the gasp of air she took in as she pulled back and I knew she had felt those sparks flying through her just the same as I had felt them flying through me.

Finally, we’re finishing the discussion about the building’s design, and we have settled on a lot of features that we are both happy with. We high five over my desk and then Summer stands up.

“You’re not leaving, are you? We have pizza on the way, don't forget,” I say.

“If you think I’m going home to cook dinner at this time, you’re very wrong,” Summer laughs. “I’m just going to the ladies’ room.”

I can’t help but watch the way her ass moves underneath her dress as she leaves the office. Once she’s gone, I get up and close the window that is left open. It’s pretty warm out tonight but I don’t want to forget to shut it before we leave. I feel the temperature go up a notch and so I loosen my tie and pull it off and put it on my desk. I open my top button too and untuck my shirt from in my pants.

Summer reappears and smiles at me.