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“Looks like I’m just in time for the strip tease,” she says.

She’s laughing and so am I. It’s obviously a joke, but then something changes, and the laughter fades and she takes a step towards me, and I feel as though I can smell her pussy from here and I want her, and I know she wants me. Before I can let my more cautious side talk myself out of it, I reach out and grab Summer’s wrist and pull her towards me.

I mash my lips against hers, kissing her like I’ve never kissed anyone before. I feel as though I’m putting my very soul into my kiss, and Summer kisses me back, her own kiss feeling as desperate and passionate as mine. It’s as though we both want this kiss to say everything we haven’t been able to say to each other since we reconnected here. It’s as though we’ve been unleashed, and every bit of pent-up desire is coming flooding out of us in that kiss.

I push Summer’s dress up over her hips and around her waist and I push my fingers into her panties. I rub them through her slickness, stopping to massage her sweet clit. She moans into my mouth, and she brings her hands around to the front of my body and she begins to unbutton my shirt. When she gets the buttons open, she pushes it open and runs her palms over my chest and stomach. My skin tingles deliciously at her touch and my cock is going wild, craving being inside of her tight little pussy once more.

I move my lips from Summer’s and I kiss her neck and keep massaging her clit. I can tell she is close to coming by the way she makes little ‘ah’ sounds and by the way her clit is thrumming against my fingers. I apply a bit more pressure and speed up the movement of my fingers and that does it. She hits her orgasm. She clings to me, her fingers digging into my shoulders, her face pressed tightly against my neck. I can feel her hot breath tickling my skin as she whispers my name.

Her body goes rigid for a moment and then a shudder goes through her, and she is gasping for air as her orgasm fades away. She lifts her head off my shoulder and kisses me again. Her hands go to my belt, and she opens it and then she starts to unbutton my pants. I’m more than ready for her and judging by how wet she was against my fingers only seconds ago, Summer is more than ready for me too.

“Hello? Anyone here? I have your pizza,” a voice shouts from the hallway.

Summer and I jump apart like two teenagers who are about to get caught together by a parent. We laugh as Summer pulls her dress down and I hastily fasten my belt.

“Coming,” I shout as I start to fasten my shirt.

“Nearly,” Summer says with a smile.

I laugh and shake my head and finally my shirt is buttoned up and it’s just as well because the pizza guy has followed my voice and he’s standing in my office doorway. I go to him and take the pizza and pay him. Once he leaves, Summer and I look at each other and start to laugh.

“Well, that was a close one,” Summer says.

“Too close,” I agree.

Summer nods her head and I think we’ve just made a silent agreement not to start up again or at least not here. Instead, we move to the more comfortable seats at the end of my office in the little alcove by the window. We eat our pizza, and our conversation goes back to the project we’re working on. We finish eating and I know it’s time to leave but I’m not ready to just give up on Summer tonight. Not after what just happened.

“Want to get a quick drink?” I ask her.

“Yeah, sounds good,” she says.

We gather our things up and leave the building and head over to the bar across the street, a place I’ve been informed everyone from the company uses when they’ve had a rough day. It seems either no one has had a rough day today or it was so rough that they drank themselves into oblivion before ten o’clock because there’s no one I recognize in there.

I go to the bar and grab our drinks and then I look around for Summer. I see her standing by the jukebox and I make my way over as she chooses a song. She nods to the table beside the jukebox, and I sit down and then she joins me.

“So, I think tonight has proved that we shouldn’t be left alone together,” Summer says with a grin.

“At least not somewhere public,” I add, letting her know that I take her point, but I am more than open to being alone with her again. She knows exactly what I’m getting at because she bites her lower lip and looks down into her drink for a moment.

“Oh my God, imagine if that pizza guy hadn’t shouted before he appeared,” Summer says.

In my mind I see us again, her with her dress hiked up around her waist, me with my shirt open and my pants almost open. There would have been no disguising what we were doing and while it’s not like we were doing anything wrong, it would have been pretty embarrassing.

“We’d probably still be there trying to apologize and him just trying to get away from us,” I say with a laugh.

Summer laughs too and then we fall silent for a moment and we both drink some of our drinks before Summer breaks the silence again.

“So how are you finding the merge then? Are you settling in ok?” Summer asks me.

“Yeah,” I say. “Everyone has been really nice and welcoming. I don’t know if it’s because I’m the boss or if it’s because they’re genuinely nice people, but it hasn’t felt like I’m an outsider.”

“Oh, it’s definitely because you’re the boss,” Summer says. She laughs and shakes her head. “No, I’m joking of course. Everyone is really nice. I mean there’s always a bit of gossip and shit going on, but that’s just a part of the office life, isn’t it?”

I nod my head. I know what she means. It was even worse before we bought out the new company. When it was just me and Jack and our few employees, I swear you couldn’t even sneeze without someone knowing all about it. And the bits they didn’t know? They made those up.

“I remember once one of the rumors got so out of hand that Maria was called to HR. Apparently, she had told everyone that Martin had gotten Diane pregnant, even though Diane was meant to be seeing Stuart,” Summer says.

I frown. None of those names ring a bell with me except Maria.

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