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The cab reaches Len’s house and I get out as he pays the cab driver . I look at the house we’re stopped outside and my jaw kinda drops. The house isn’t just a house. It’s more of a mansion. Like something out of a movie. I’m not exactly poor and my apartment is in a nice neighborhood, but this place is in another league altogether.

Len joins me and then he opens the gate and gestures for me to follow him. I follow him up the impressive driveway and to the front door. He pulls out a key, unlocks it and we go inside.

“Would you like a drink or anything?” Len asks, his breath feels warm and close to my head. I feel a shiver go through me.

“No thank you,” I whisper.

I’ve drunk enough already, and I know my limits.

He holds his hand out to me. “Your wish is my command.”

I take his hand and he leads me towards a wide staircase. We start to climb it and I feel myself blushing when I realize he took my refusal of a drink to mean I wanted to go straight to bed with him. I debate explaining that’s not quite what I meant but what’s the point? I do want to get into his bed with him and it’s not like I’m going to see him again so what does it matter if I seem a little eager? It’s better than having to make awkward small talk.

Lights come on as we walk, lighting up the stairway in front of us. We reach what I think is the top of the stairs, but Len turns and leads me up another flight of stairs. I keep following him and we step off this flight and into a long, cream hallway with deep pile carpet. It’s painted cream, a fluffy white carpet finishing it off. Every few feet there is a modern painting displayed.

“So you like modern art?” I ask as I follow Len along the hallway.

“Yes. Do you like them?”

“Yeah,” I say. “I’m no art critic but I like the bright colors. They work really well in this space.”

He nods, seemingly pleased I like his choice of artwork. Finally, we reach a door. He opens it and pulls me into his bedroom. The room is huge. The wall opposite is all glass. Outside lights show me a stunning view of Len’s back yard, including a large swimming pool, and countryside for miles.

I look away from the view and around the room. In the center is a huge bed, the sheets and comforter black satin. The floor is covered in the same plush white carpet as the hallway, and it offsets the black bedding and the black wood furniture perfectly. The wardrobe and chest of drawers and the nightstands are all black wood and although the room is very masculine, it also feels inviting. I suppose this moment should be kind of awkward, it really isn’t.

Len moves behind me and closes the bedroom door. He turns to light down so its cast enough of a glow to see by. Then he puts his hand on the small of my back and guides me towards the bed.

“You never did tell me your name,” he notes cordially.

We are almost at his bed, and I grin at him over my shoulder.

“No, I didn’t,” I agree.

“Ohhh little Miss Mysterious, huh,” he taunts

I shrug and grin back. He pulls me into his arms, and he looks at me, his face serious, and his gaze so intense that I feel as though he’s looking down into my very soul.

“There are more important things to know about you than your name,” he says, his voice deep and lust filled. I feel a rush of warmth between my legs. He leans in and brushes his lips against mine, the touch so light it’s almost as though I imagined it. His teasing touch sets my body on fire, and I want him so badly it’s like a physical ache inside of me.

“More important things like how you taste,” he whispers.

He leans in again and this time, when his lips touch mine, he doesn’t keep his touch light, and he doesn’t pull away. Our lips move together, our tongues colliding and mashing together as we hungrily explore each other’s mouths. Len tastes of beer and something kind of spicy and exotic. I love the taste of him.

I want to consume him.

I press my body against his and wrap my arms around him, moving them beneath his t-shirt and over the naked skin of his back. I grab the hem of his t-shirt and lift it up. Our mouths pull apart long enough for the t-shirt to go over Len’s head and then they come together again, more hungry than before if that’s even possible.

I run my hands over Len’s back and up and down his sides. I push my hands into his jeans’ pockets and caress his ass through the rough denim. He runs his hands over my body too and one settles on my right breast, rubbing it through the fabric of my dress. I’m not wearing a bra and the friction of the dress rubbing over me brings my nipple to life. It springs up, hard and sensitive, and Len gently pinches it, rolling it between his finger and his thumb and I moan into his mouth.

I press myself even harder against him and I can feel his hard cock pressing against my belly. I want to feel him inside of me and I move my hands from his ass around to the front of his body where I push them between us and open his jeans. I push them down and I run my hand over the outside of his boxer shorts, feeling the length of his cock. I start to push my hand into his boxer shorts, but he grabs my wrist, his mouth coming away from mine.

“Not so fast,” he says.

Before I can wonder if I’ve done something wrong, he pushes me backwards and my legs hit the bed and I tumble down onto it and I realize what he meant – not so fast to touch him because he doesn’t want to climax too early and end our fun.

He stands looking down at me on his bed and I look back. His body is every bit as toned as it looked through his clothes and I see now that his dragon tattoo doesn’t just sit on his arm – the body of the beast covers part of his chest too. There’s something sexy about the tattoo and I keep looking back at it as Len leans down, still looking at me as he takes off his shoes and socks and kicks his jeans off his legs. He reaches down to me and tugs at my dress. It has already worked its way over my hips and so I lift my upper body from the mattress and lift my arms up and Len slips it off over my head and drops it on the ground with his jeans.

He grabs the sides of my panties, I lift my ass and he removes those too, pulling my shoes off while he’s down there, his gaze lingering on my glistening slit as he pulls the panties down my legs. When they join the other clothes on the ground, I expect Len to get on top of me, but he doesn’t. Instead, he kneels down at the side of the bed. He takes my ankles in his hands and pulls me roughly towards him. He throws my legs over his shoulders and his face comes towards me.

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