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“I just listened to the news. There’ll be a storm today,” Heather said. “Be careful out there.”

“I will,” I told her. My biggest problem was not the weather. I'd been dreading this day since yesterday when I left Cameron’s. I shook my head free of that memory and carried the crates to the minivan, one at a time.

I settled in the driver’s seat and inhaled deeply before turning the ignition key. My insides were shaking and as I started to drive, memories of that kiss invaded my thoughts and I couldn't shake them off.

What had been wrong with me? How would I have kissed a stranger? It didn’t matter how attractive he was. Sane women did not go around kissing men they did not know. What kind of woman must he think I was?

I had done a lot of stupid things in my life, including getting married to Finn. The only thing that made me not regret the marriage was Ethan. I loved my little boy with all of my heart and he was the only reason I got up every morning.

Heather had not been wrong. The weather was not great. A light snow was falling and the wind was picking up but it wasn't too bad. I drove slowly and carefully, grateful that my Aunt May’s van was sturdy enough to navigate the slippery roads.

I had a few deliveries to make along the way to Dorothy’s and by the time I got there, snow had started falling in earnest. I hurried out of the minivan and went to the back to grab her delivery.

She must have been watching out for me at the window because by the time I got to the front door, it was already open.

“Hi Dorothy,” I said. “Can I come in?”

“Yes of course my dear,” she said. “It's terrible out there. I wasn't sure you were going to come.”

“It's not too bad,” I told her. “I'll be done in a few hours.” I carried the crate to the kitchen and found an older man, I assumed was her husband stirring the contents of a pot.

“This is Rory, my husband,” Dorothy said.

Rory smiled and nodded at me, then he continued what he’d been doing.

“Stay with us until the storm is over,” Dorothy said.

I was touched by the concern in her voice. “I'll be just fine. Besides, Cameron's place is not too far off from here. Plus, my minivan is made for this weather,” I said with a smile to reassure her.

It really was cold I thought as I entered the warmth of the minivan. I couldn't wait to finish my deliveries and head back to the cottage. I had two more days to get it in order before Ethan came home from my sister’s place.

The closer I got to Cameron's place the more that stupid kiss haunted me. Except that it was not stupid. It was the hottest kiss I had ever shared with anybody. Cameron kissed as if he was dying of thirst and I was his oasis.

I couldn’t forget how my body had come alive at the touch of his lips or the way his hand had cradled my head to hold it in place. My panties had been completely soaked by the time I fled the house and that night I had barely slept and when I did, I had dreams, erotic dreams that left me feeling unfulfilled in the morning.

I swallowed hard as Cameron's house came into view. I turned off the engine and inhaled deeply before reluctantly leaving the safety of the van. I was going to apologize to him and then hopefully, with my dignity intact, leave.

Just as Dorothy had done, Cameron had the door open when I got there. I saw him and my breath hitched.

“Hello,” I said and tried not to look at him, but it was impossible not to. Our fingers brushed as he took the crate from me. Immediately our gazes locked. I could have bet my last dollar that Cameron was thinking about that kiss too.

“This is not good weather to be out in Savannah,” he said.

“I know but I'll be done soon,” I told him. “You are my last delivery.” I followed him into the house staring at the muscles on his shoulders as he carried the crate through to the kitchen. He dumped it on the counter and then moved to the coffee maker.

I hoped he didn’t think I was going to stay for coffee. It was embarrassing enough that I had to see him again without making it worse by spending more time in his company.

“Make yourself comfortable,” he said. “This storm is going to be here awhile.”

I shook my head. “I can't stay. I have to go but before I do I want to talk to you about something.” I folded my hands into fists and forced myself to continue.

Cameron moved closer to where I stood. I wished I could take a step back but I couldn’t without looking like a coward. I raised my gaze to meet his eyes. “I wanted to apologize.”

A puzzled look came over his features. God he was handsome. Concentrate.

“Apologize for what?” he asked.

My heart pounded so hard I was sure he could hear it. I tapped my thigh with my left hand. “I shouldn’t have lead you on the last time I was here.”