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She gulps and turns to look at me over her shoulder. Her eyes try to read me, and I take a sample of what she’s offering, devouring her, stealing a kiss that feeds the passion growing inside of me.

The sweet taste of the wine off her lips, dancing around her tongue as mine swirls around her mouth makes it damn hard to turn her down, but I know I will. I need to turn her down, but not before I selfishly take a taste.

When my knees hit the ground behind her, it’s like everything is moving on its own without my permission. The sound of the chair moving is barely audible, especially when I hike her foot onto it.

Then I’m staring up at her waitingflower. God, she’s insane. To give this to me? A complete stranger. My teeth graze the inside of her thigh, making her knees buckle. I grip her firmly—tighter than I plan—which makes her yelp, skin reddening under my fingers as I release her.

“Don’t move.” I tell her with enough dominance to still her trembling. She obeys me. What the fuck is happening?

The first taste of her pussy on my tongue feels like I’m a man in the desert dying of thirst. It’s not enough to only have this once. Tender, delicate, and delicious as I start to lose my restraint. Lapping at her sex as she white knuckles the table.

It’s a reminder of when I caught her earlier today, deciding on whether to obey my text message to come into the office. I would have done this then, but damn my professionalism.

My goodness, the sweetness of her pussy is divine. This girl will be the end of me. I can’t get enough. She whimpers as I continue to kiss and trace circles around her clit. Her hand slams on the table to steady herself as an orgasm pummels her body, and I want to dive deep inside this delicious pussy with such force, I’ll clear this goddamn restaurant.

So, I stop.

When her third climax coats my beard and mustache, I pull my cock out and stroke myself between her legs while continuing to lick and lap at her glistening pink and wet sex. A strangled moan breaks from my throat as my hand moves at a feverish pace. My release spills out onto the floor, and I pull my tongue from between Denise’s folds.

I push myself to my feet and spin her around to face me, claiming her mouth for another kiss because I doubt I’ll ever taste her like this again.

“And now?” she asks, breaking our kiss and staring at me like I’m going to pound into her.

“Now, we sit down and eat dinner even though I’ve had my dessert.” I smirk and put her chair back onto the other side of the table. She stands there, dress hiked up around her waist, looking at me with disappointment and confusion.

“But, I thought-”

“Sit down, Denise.” I hand her a linen napkin from the table setting to clean herself and wait for her to sit down. She does as she’s told after wiping my wetness off her and sitting in the chair. I smile and tell her, “Good girl.”

She huffs and pouts, even as the server returns to bring us the dinner I’m sure he needed to have reheated after I yelled at him earlier. When he’s finished setting the food down, the server leaves us to eat.

Denise smooths a piece of hair behind her ear and pokes around her plate. Petulant. Silent. Stewing like someone who thought they were going to get their way this evening. It’s cute.

“Eat,” I tell her, which draws a venomous glare.

“I don’t belong to you. You don’t get to do that.” She shudders and starts again. “You don’t get to bend me over a table and not give me what I want.”

“What about what I want?” I ask her with some amusement.

“You want a spy. I want you to finish what you’ve just started.”

My subtle laughter only infuriates her as she growls something to herself. I tell her, “Oh, Denise. What I want is to save my company from having its trade secrets leaked to the competition, or worse, hedge fund managers. By doing so, I ensure that all my employees don’t need to worry about their livelihood for the next ten years. What I’m trying to say is, what you want and what I want are not even on the same level.”

She sits there for a moment before I see a glimmer in her eyes. She faces me, staring me down with those beautiful hazel eyes, golden as a sunset. “And if I help you flush out this traitor, this corporate spy you’re convinced is dismantling your empire, will you give me what I want?”

“A traitor for your virginity? That’s an odd deal, especially when I know the results will be less than optimal. You realize what you’re willing to give to me is something I’ll have forever. You can’t get this moment back. And in return, I can’t promise you anything. My days are spent in my office. Even when I’m at home, half my mind is occupied with work. I don’t deserve you, and I’ll most likely just ruin you.”

“Well then, if I do this for you, then I’ll agree to let you have me.” She pauses, stroking the top of my hand delicately, and punches me straight in the heart as she whispers, “Daddy.”



Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.

I want to cry. I want to fuck. I want Declan Daniels to ravage me in the way I just know will be so good it hurts me bad. From the minute I laid eyes on him in front of his secretary, standing there, smug, handsome, demanding respect as the man in charge, I’ve wanted him even more knowing he’s pushing me away.

Why am I like this?