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She lets out a deep heavy moan as I grip her legs and dive in.

Chapter Seven


Molly moans in surrender as I devour her hot little pussy. My fingertips are digging into her hips a little too hard as I pull her against my mouth, plunging my tongue into her delicious heat. I know I should ease up on my grip, but I can’t seem to stop myself. I can’t let go.

“Yes,” she moans in a sexy little voice. “Oh yes, Blake.”

Her fingers slide through my wet hair as she pulls my head toward her, keeping my hungry mouth right where she wants it.

I slide my tongue around her clit and her body bucks. Her fingers clench tight, grabbing a fistful of my hair as she cries out.

“You like when I eat your pussy?” I growl between licks.

“Oh fuck, yes,” she moans with her legs shaking beside my head. I wrap my lips around her clit and suck on it in a rhythmic motion. Her hips move to the rhythm of my mouth. “I fucking love it…”

Warm pussy juice leaks onto my stubbly chin. I release her clit and slide my tongue down her folds until I reach her soaking-wet pussy hole. My cock aches as I tease it, slowly slipping my tongue inside and tasting her lust.

I lean back to get another look at her. She’s so fucking sexy, sitting there with her legs spread open, a flush on her cheeks, her brown eyes overflowing with want and desire. There’s not a stitch of clothing on her stunning body and that’s exactly how I want her to stay.

Who needs books, TV, or movies with this beauty to admire all day? I’ll never get bored of looking at her, of touching her, of tasting her. This angel is a source of endless entertainment.

“What are you doing?” she moans in frustration as her head drops back and her eyes fall closed.

She grabs a fistful of my hair and yanks my head between her legs. I grin as I start to lick her pussy again.

I slip a finger into her slick entrance and marvel at how tight she is. My body freezes when it hits me… She’s a virgin.

That’s the only thing that would explain why her pussy is clamped so tightly around my index finger. She’s untouched…

My love for this girl deepens. I look up at her as I find her clit with my thumb. A heavy moan rolls out of her throat as I start rubbing her clit in tiny circles while tracing her entrance with my fingertip.

I posture up until my mouth is hovering over hers. Her lips are parted. She’s taking short quick breaths.

“Is this your first time?” I whisper.

Her warm tasty breath washes over my mouth as she looks at me with uncertain eyes.

“Tell me the truth, now. Am I the first man to touch you like this?”

She hesitates as I rub her pussy, drawing the pleasure out.

“Answer me.”

“Yes. You’re the first.”

“Am I the first to taste you?”

She nods with those sexy brown eyes locked on mine.

“To see you?”

“You’re the first for everything, Blake. I’ve never even kissed a man before today.”


My need to claim this girl ramps up to a dangerous level. I’m her first… For everything…

I’ll have to make sure I fuck her so good that I’ll be her last too. I don’t want her to ever experience another man’s hands, mouth, or cock, but mine. I’ll be her first and her only.

I lunge down and devour her juicy little virgin cunt with a new intensity. She cries out as I grab her thighs and push them apart. My tongue slides everywhere. I coat her wet slit with my tongue until the sensations are overwhelming her.

Her hips are grinding to the rhythm of my tongue, the pressure inside her building, building…

I can tell she’s close to cumming all over a man’s mouth for the first time. It spurs me on. It makes me desperate to draw an intense orgasm out of her.

I clamp my lips around her clit and suck on it while I finger her virgin hole. She screams as I curl my finger up against her inner wall, being careful not to break her cherry, and stroke it.

I think I found my girl’s sweet spot. She throws her head back, squeezes my face with her thighs, and cums hard.

My tongue never stops moving as she cums all over me. I keep licking as her legs tremble on my shoulders. She’s so tasty. This cunt is pure bliss.

I’m ready and willing to stay down here until I pull another orgasm out of her, but she has other plans. This sweet girl opens her eyes and reaches for my cock.

“Oh shit…” I moan when I feel her hand wrapping around my solid shaft. She uses the wetness of the water to jerk me off, sliding her clenched hand up and down while she gazes at me with an erotic look in her eyes.