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“I did not lose my keys, Rami. Someone has taken them!” she shouts in fury.

“Calm down, Grandmother. Clearly no one is here. You must have misplaced them somewhere,” Rami says nonchalantly.

Tristan’s hand slowly glides down my arm. His body is pressed flush against mine. He tugs me back, pulling me further into the darkness, away from the sliver of light coming from under the secret door.

The muffled voices become harder to hear the further we move away.

Tristan stumbles, releasing me. “Careful. There’s stairs here,” he whispers, moving back into my space.

I breathe him in slowly. He smells of citrus and musk. My new favorite scent.

We move in sequence, pressing our backs to the wall. Careful not to hit the stairs but far enough away from the door that we can make a run for it if we need to.

The room is dark and cold, absent of all heat except what’s flowing off of Tristan. Nervous tension fills the space between us. My hand moves on its own until I find his, linking them together.

His closeness gives me a sense of relief from the overwhelming anxiety and adrenaline that’s coursing through my veins.

With our hands locked, he gently rubs his thumb back and forth over my skin, soothing away all my nervousness.

He leans closer.

Lust swarms in my belly. I release a heavy breath, anticipating what comes next.

I’ve never been this close to a man—close enough to let my mind run wild with fantasies that I shouldn’t be thinking about right now.

His hand lightly grazes across my stomach, sending chills all over me.

“Tell me to stop, little bird.” Instead of moving away, I lean into his touch. “I’m weak when it comes to you. In this dark place, I could have you in all the ways I’ve dreamed of, and no one would ever know.” His words excite me but leave me wondering all in the same breath.

“D-Don’t tease me, Tris,” I whisper, careful not to move an inch. Scared that he might remove his hand.

“It’s you that teases me, little bird. With every breath you take.”

The swirl of butterflies floating in my stomach explodes as he closes the gap. Pressing his lips to my neck, he swirls his tongue in circles, teasing me.

“Ahh,” a moan escapes me. His hand shoots up, covering my mouth, then drags his thumb over my lips. “This mouth of yours is going to get us both into trouble.” His lips move to my ear, “Can you stay quiet for me little bird?” I nod my head, letting him know that I understand. The last thing I want is for him to stop doing what he’s doing.

My body has never felt so much pleasure.

It’s hard to control my need for him at this moment. It grows deeper by the second.


I need more.

His tongue and lips sweep over my skin. “Say it, Princess. Say you’ll be a good girl and do as I say,” he moans, nipping at my neck.

He removes his hand from my chin, sliding it down to my throat. He grips tightly, tilting my head to the side to give him better access.

Why does such a simple move turn me on so much?Becausehe makes me lose all sense of right and wrong.

I know I should tell him to stop.

But I can’t seem to find the strength or the willpower to open my mouth and say the words.

Being one of my most loyal guards, this could ruin him. Have him put to death even. But I’m selfish, and right now, he’s more than one of my guards.

He’s the keeper of my pleasure and the object of all my desires.