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“That’s debatable, I’m sure. But if we crossthatline, there’s no coming back.”

“And if I want you to take it? You’ll what? Deny me?” I ask, defeatedly.

This is simple.

I trust Tristan not to hurt me. It will also relinquish any hold my brother has over me. It might be a death sentence for me, but I would never let Tristan take the fall for my own demands.

“If you care about me, then you will do this. I need you to do this!”

“No!” He steps away and begins pacing in front of me. “We will figure out a better plan when we get out of here.”

I fall back against the wall.

I don’t argue.

There’s no point.

Tristan is stubborn, nothing I say will change his mind now.

I just thought... Hell, I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t want to lose my virginity in a hidden tunnel burying my grandmother’s secrets.

Desperation is not a good look for me.

“I’m sorry for asking,” I mutter.

“Don’t be. I promise I won’t let him take you. I promise to find another way to put that crown on your pretty little head.”

He runs a hand down the side of my face, like I’m the most treasured jewel in all the realms.

“You are the rightful queen, and some day, you will make a lucky bastard very happy... but it won’t be me. It can’t be me. Please, don’t ask me again. I don’t think I could refuse you a second time, little bird.”

We sit in silence for a few minutes, then Tristan moves closer to the door, listening for any sound on the other side.

When he doesn’t hear anything for a while, he slowly opens the secret door, then waves me on to follow him.

My feet follow closely behind him. The bedroom is empty.Thank goodness!

Tristan opens the chamber door, checking the hall. We hurry out of my grandmother’s quarters, heading straight for my chambers.

I have no idea how much time has passed, but I’m exhausted and ready for bed.

“Well, that could have ended very badly.” Tristan sighs with relief. “Dominic should be waiting for us to return.”

I slowly nod, unable to find the words to respond. Embarrassment creeps its way into my bones. I just begged this man to take my fucking virginity in a cobweb-filled cave.

Get your shit together, Robyn!

Dominic isn’t waiting like we thought he would be. Tristan looks hesitant but opens my door wide enough for me to enter. As I step through, he drops his hand, running it along my arm, sending chills over my body.

“Get some rest, little bird.” He tosses me a wink and closes the door. Me on one side, him on the other. My lips pout, I’m not sure that I like that anymore.




I wake to the sound of my chamber door slamming shut. Dominic stands before me looking angry and a bit disgusted.