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He sends me to the height of ecstasy and doesn’t stop until I’ve come back down to reality.

My hands gently play with his hair as he licks up the last of my cum.

He kisses my inner thigh and pushes off the bed once more.

“Grey, wait.” He watches me carefully. “Please, stay. Just lay with me until I fall back to sleep.”

He sighs but moves to the other side of the bed, kicking off his boots before climbing in next to me.

I slide under the covers and mold my body to his.

I feel him stiffen before a hand comes down resting on my hip. Then as if all is right in the world, he places a kiss on my temple.

And I lock this moment away for safekeeping.

“Grey,” I mumble into his chest.

“Sleep, Princess.”

How can I sleep when I feel him solid as a rock against me?

“Your tongue is magical.”

A laugh bursts from his chest as I feel him shaking his head against the pillow.

“Good to know, kitten. Now, sleep,” he says with a playful tone.

I sneak my hand between us rubbing against his hard flesh. “Tell me what to do, and I’ll make you feel the same way. I want to give you the same pleasure you gave me.”

He catches my hand with his, stopping me from moving, so I roll my body into him.

A moan slips from his lips before he rolls onto his back, pulling me on top of him.

“And why would I let you do that, kitten?” The nickname spills from his lips, sending a flood of wetness and heat to my core. I roll my hips, and he grabs them in a bruising grip to stop me.

“I’m not a man who deserves what you’re offering.”

My chest deflates with a heavy sigh. “You’re right.” I feel him stiffen under me. “You deserve so much more than that.”

A feral sound leaves his lips. He squeezes my hips and slides me to his thighs. Releasing me, he slides his hands under the seam of his pants, pushing them down.

My breath hitches at the sight of his long, thick cock. He grabs the base, pulling it up and giving it a squeeze.

It’s gorgeous. I release a needy moan as I slide my hand up his length and circle the glistening tip. It’s so big my fingers can’t fully wrap around it.

“Teach me, Grey. Show me how you like it so I can make you feel good.”

“I got a better idea, Kitten.” My hands fall to his chest as he grips my hips and slides my pussy over him.

His dick is trapped between my lips and his stomach. “Show me how you’d ride my cock if it was inside you. Ride me until we both get off.”

Excitement flows through me. I give him a wicked grin and start to move slowly over him. My juices coating him as I slide back and forth trying to find a rhythm that meets both our needs.

Grey slides an arm around my back, pulling me forward, capturing my breast in his mouth. My pleasure spikes as he holds me in place.

“You’re so wet for me, Kitten.” I close my eyes and hum at his praises. I can feel his cock twitch as I pick up the pace, and when my pelvis slides over the tip of him nudging at my entrance... I lose all sense of reality.

As soon as I feel him right where I want him, I push back. The tip of his cock stretching and teasing at my opening. He clutches my back in a forceful move. “No!” He growls, but it’s too late.