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My hunger to feel him inside me overpowers all my senses.

I look down at him and grin, circling my hips, praying it slides in further.

He flips me onto my back before I even know what’s happening, capturing my lips with his. I open for him and our tongues battle for control.

He slides a hand between us griping his cock before rubbing it against my clit. My body seizes. The way my back arches off the bed with need is almost painful.

I want him to fill me up and make me whole again.

His free hand moves to my hair tugging my head back so that I’m forced to look at him. “I’m hanging on by a thread, Kitten. Your pussy feels so good, but you aren’t ready for that. Not yet anyway.”

I sink back into the bed with a sigh. “Shouldn’t I have a say in that?”

“No,” he says, pulling me into a soul-piercing kiss.

My hands push against his chest breaking our kiss, and a flash of rejection crashes through him. “I want more, Grey. Give me what I need, please.”

“Which is it, Kitten? Want or need?” He chuckles, releasing his cock, sliding one then two fingers inside me. “Is this what youwant?”He presses his thumb to my clit. My eyes roll back as he takes me to a new height.

I wiggle and squirm as he fucks me with his fingers. “More.”

He rips his fingers away and shoves them between my lips. “Suck,” he demands. “Taste your greedy pussy for me, Kitten.”

I narrow my eyes. He thinks he has the upper hand, but he doesn’t. I know what I want and he’s refusing me every step of the way.

Flicking my tongue over his fingers he lets out a heavy lust-filled moan. Rubbing his cock over my hard, aching clit, working me up all over again.

I am a greedy bitch because I can’t get enough of this man.

He pulls his fingers back, tilting his head to the side giving me a curious look then starts moving up my body. He doesn’t stop until dick is hovering over my face and he taps it against my lips.

“You still think you want more, Kitten?” I nod eagerly. Excitement running through me. “Open up and suck me dry then,” he says with a playful grin.

And I do just that. He gives me a play by play on how he likes it. My jaw hurts so fucking bad, but I’ll be damned if I back down after he finally gave in.

I feel his cock twitch between my lips. He looks down on me with so much praise and adoration in his eyes that my stomach is doing backflips. I want him to always look at me this way.

He strokes the side of my cheek as he begins to fuck my face. I gag several times when he hits the back of my throat, but I don’t let that stop me.

“Now, swallow like the good girl I know you are, Kitten.” I have no clue what he’s talking about, but a moment later he picks up the pace, and I feel his hot, salty spunk slide down my throat. I gag, but then he pulls out and stares at me.

I want to spit out what’s left of it sitting on my tongue, but he stares me down, waiting to see what I’ll do.

So I smile and open my mouth so he can watch it go down.

“Fuck, you’re incredible, Kitten,” he praises stroking my cheek, and my grin widens.

He falls onto the bed beside me, pulling me into a passionate kiss, then he pulls back placing the covers on top of me.

“Get some rest. It’ll be morning before you know it.”

I curl into him again, needing to feel his warm embrace.

I’m not ready to let him go.

I don’t know if I ever will be.

“Robyn,” he whispers, and I start to panic. He’s never called me by name, and a sense of guilt washes over me.