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He nods as if he understands but he’s so focused on the sleepy boy that I’m not even sure he heard me.

I sit and watch the two men in my life bond with each other and I feel my heart break and open just a little bit.

Thunder and lightning rumble and flash outside the window but inside? We’re safe and secure and Finn is working his magic on both of us.

I don’t feel like I want to run anymore and Edison is drifting off, his eyes sleepy and happy as he stares into Finn’s gorgeous face.

It takes all my concentration not to let myself fall under his spell too fast. But I can feel it already. I’m desperately in love with Finn and every damn little thing he does to take care of Edison and myself just pushes me further.

Hell, I think I was already in love with him when I ran. And I wasn’t seeing the sweet, loving, gorgeous man that I’m seeing now.

He smiles down at Edison and I swear to god my ovaries explode. Sexy Finn was something to see but sweet and family-oriented Finn is lethally dangerous to every bit of my control.

I’m not sure I’m getting out of this with anything less than him owning me, heart and soul.



Ispend a sleepless night just thinking about the fact that Candy is in my house. She’s under my roof and within feet of me. I can feel her all around me. I can smell her damn sweet smell everywhere in my house. The woman fucking owns me.

And judging by the heat in her eyes, I own her as well. I should just be able to enjoy that but I can’t. Because I can’t claim her yet. My body aches with the need to touch her, taste her. But yet, I’m still letting her run away from me. Hide from what’s going on between us.

I groan and shuffle out the door early. I keep hoping for a glimpse of her sweet face and sexy body to hold me over until I get home but both she and Edison are sound asleep. I’m such an ass I just barely stop myself from making as much noise as possible hoping to wake them.

I need help.

At the job site, Harrison stalks over to me. “Hey, man. How are things going with you and your girl?”

I glare at him out of puffy, red eyes. “Seriously? You need to ask me that?”

He chuckles and his eyes dance with mirth. “I have seen you looking better. Maybe you should set up a spa facial. Your eyes look like road maps.”

“Fuck off,” I growl angrily. It doesn’t even phase Harrison. He’s probably twice my size, the bastard.

“Yeah. I think not.” He grins cheekily. Than he sobers. “I know you want this to work out…but is it worth it if it’s going to do this to your body?”

I stare him down. “She’s worth every god-damned sleepless night. And my son? He’s worth it all. If I can’t have the two of them for my own, I might as well just crawl in a hole and die. Because my life will not be worth living if I can’t have my family by my side at all times.”

“How do you plan to get things worked out? I mean, is she amenable to logic? Maybe you could just tell her that you need to get married so that you can both take care of Edison.”

I shake my head tiredly. “No. I need all of her. Not just some pale imitation of what we could be to each other. I need all of her. Heart, body, soul. I don’t want to leave anything on the table.”

“You’re the very definition of a romantic.” Harrison huffs. “I don’t know how you can be that sure that there’s more there. It’s all just empty words and desires .”

I shoot him a pitying glance. “Just because you think that you’re too busy and tied up with your sister, doesn’t mean that there isn’t somebody out there for you. I know there is. You just need to leave yourself open to the bigger picture in the universe.”

He groans and shoves his hands in his hair. “I don’t have the same thing as you, Finn. I don’t have the same time or inclination to live in some damn fantasyland. I’m just some poor damn schmuch who has to pick up the pieces for a girl and take care of her. I don’t have time for anything else.”

“Hey, guys! Time to get to work! We’ve got the bathroom to finish today if we want to try and get back on track.”

“How’d we get off-track?” I hear Harrison mutter.

It’s an easy question to answer. We’re so far behind because we’ve all been taking turns running over and getting the photos done for the calendar. It’s time-consuming and annoying as hell. I feel my face heat as I think about the little fucking shamrock hat they made me hold over my junk. I barely got out of that with my dignity intact.

But we all turn and start putting together a plan. The day goes fast and then it’s quitting time and I’m dusty, dirty, exhausted and amped up so bad that I’m almost flying.

I’m going home. And Edison and Candy should be home by now. My heart thumps in my chest and I can’t stop smiling.

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