Irish Eyes

Author: Tamrin Banks
Category: Romance
Total pages: 17

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Irish Eyes

Finn Monroe:

I met the woman of my dreams one lonely night. It was incredible and I haven't been able to forget her. Even though she ran out on me in the middle of the night. She snuck away, taking my heart with her. I've searched everywhere and lost hope that I'd ever see her again.
Until two years later, she strolls in and I'm lost all over again. Her gorgeous hazel eyes are hiding secrets, her lush curves even more on display. When I discover what she's hiding, can I convince her that I'm not the heartbreaker she thinks I am? I don't just want one night, I want forever with her.

Candace Anderson:
I knew it was time. I needed to face Finn and tell him the truth. Our one night brought me a son. I should have told him as soon as I found out but it was only one night. One incredible night that I can't erase from my dreams.
When I tell him, I don't expect his reaction. He's bound and determined that we're meant to be. That our son is fate trying to bring us together.
I've never dared to dream that I would find where I belong but Finn feels like home to my lonely heart. Is it really happily ever after or just a dream that will fade as we learn who we are together?