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I shake myself out of my stupor and stand over Edison in the sweet little crib that Finn purchased for him. He grunts in his sleep and then wriggles and pouts. But he doesn’t wake up and I lean over the railing, my eyes locked on him and tearing up. I love this little boy. He’s my whole world.

“Is he alright?” Finn whispers from the doorway.

I shiver when I hear his voice. It feels like he’s right next to me. Like he’s touching me.

“Yes, he’s fine.” My voice is soft, breathy.

“What are you doing up, Candy?” I can almost hear the suspicion in his voice.

“I’m not leaving, Finn. I just needed to check on him. It’s a strange place and I don’t feel comfortable yet.” I’m not really sure that I ever will.

“Do you want to watch a movie with me?” My eyes dart to him in the doorway where he’s lounging like an exotic predator. His green eyes gleam in the dim light of the hall.

“Why? Aren’t you tired?” I ask. His lips tilt up and he casually crosses his arms over his chest, kicking one foot across the other.

“Maybe I’m not that comfortable either.”

I lift an eyebrow at him. “Isn’t this your house? How can you not be comfortable in your own house?”

“It is my house.” He nods. “But I feel like I’m waiting for something. And it’s keeping me awake.”

I wince. I have a feeling he’s waiting for me to sneak out.

“I promise you, if I feel the need to leave, I’ll talk to you first.”

“I hope so. Because I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to. I want this to be your home. Yours and Edison’s.”

I shake my head. “It’s too soon to be saying things like that, Finn.”

“Come over here and say that to me, Candy.”

“Why?” I ask breathlessly. My heart is pounding in my chest so hard that I can practically feel it knocking against my ribs.

I can’t say no. It’s like he’s got me hypnotized. I turn and slowly walk up to him. One step, then two. Until I’m standing right in front of him.

His eyes gleam with triumph. I barely get to look in those eyes though. Next thing I know, he’s leaned down and he’s touching his lips to mine. Just a gentle peck. So soft and sweet.

I moan and open my lips to his tongue, feeling his slick muscle surge inside my mouth, tangling wildly with mine. In seconds we’ve gone from a light touch to devouring each other like we can’t get enough. My hands creep up around his neck, tangling in his dark hair. His hands slip down and grasp my hips, pulling me against his front. I gasp when I feel the hard ridge of his cock pressing into my stomach, twitching when I drag in a breath and rub against him.

“Oh my god, Finn, it’s been so long.”

“There hasn’t been anyone since you, baby girl. No one at all. I couldn’t even look at another woman even when I was so damn mad at you. Since I first saw you, it’s only been you.”

I draw back slightly, my eyes hooded and pleading. “You can’t say things like that, Finn. I’m trying not to fall for you because I’m not sure how you’ll get past what I did. It wasn’t fair to you or Edison. It was wrong,” I wail, my fingers dropping to cling to his shoulders.

His warm, calloused fingers come up and hold my chin up, forcing me to look in his eyes. I shudder when I see the lust and heat burning in his green gaze. “I want to move past it, Candy. I want that so bad. I’ve spent so long looking for you. Now you’re here in front of me and I just can’t keep from wanting you. I can feel you in every single cell in my body.”

Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles outside the window and Edison whimpers in his new crib.

Finn backs away and his eyes dart to where Edison is wriggling and starting to wake. “I’ll get him. Why don’t you go get what you need and I’ll take care of him.”

I nod my head and head to the kitchen to get him a bottle of water. By the time I come back, Finn is sitting in the rocking chair and Edison is staring up into his face, his little hand waving while Finn studies him and chuckles.

“I already changed him.” He doesn’t even bother looking up and I grunt, waiting for him to hand me Edison so I can feed him. Instead he holds out his hand and then cuddles Edison while the boy sucks down some of the water.

“Shouldn’t he be having milk?”

“Not at night. It’s bad for his teeth.”

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