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“I don’t want you to stop, Finn. I want you too much. I swear I’ve been in love with you for the last two years. I just didn’t know what to do about it.”

His jaw firms and he runs his hands down my backside before they clamp on the backs of my thighs, lifting me. I gasp and wrap my legs around his waist, feeling the steel pipe in his jeans jump and press into me. My head swims and I’m barely holding onto my sanity.

“I know exactly what to do about it. All fucking night long.” He growls and stomps down the hall. It makes my heart wrench when I realize he’s got the baby monitor in one of his hands. He sets it down beside his bed and rips his shirt over his head.

I moan when I see his tanned, bare chest. Light whirls of hair dance around his broad, muscular chest. He’s breathing so fast that I can see his breaths hard and heavy.

“Take your clothes off, Candy.” His voice is so deep and growly that I shiver. It doesn’t even sound like him. He almost sounds like a damn animal and it’s sexy as hell.

I quickly peel my shirt over my head and then start pulling at my leggings. By the time I’ve got them off, he’s dropped his pants and boxer briefs to the floor and he’s crawling over me on the bed. I feel swallowed whole by his essence. Like I can’t catch my breath. I pant and moan, my hands running over his muscles and ridges. The deep v at his waist. The taut muscles of his buttocks. Every damn bit of him is a wonder. I remember it but yet it feels all new. Two years ago, we didn’t realize what we were starting. Now we know. This is forever.

I stare up into his heated emerald gaze. “I love you, Finn. I swear I love you so much it fucking hurts.”

His lips caress my throat and I toss my head back, giving him more room to work. His teeth scrape along my skin and I shudder at the lust that rears up inside my body, my pussy clenching painfully.

“I need you, Finn,” I beg, feeling empty.

“What do you need, Candy?” His teeth nip at my bottom lip, tugging it out lightly.

“I need you to touch me.”

My hips arch up into him and I feel his erection brush up against me, precum leaking from the tip.

He growls and moves down my body, his teeth nipping and sucking at my sensitive nipples then tugging at them hard until my hands wrap in his hair and pull.

“Please, Finn,” I whisper, my breath huffing out of me painfully. It feels like I’m burning up on the inside. I know nothing will quench the fire in my body except for him.

He grunts and then pushes my thighs apart. I’m so open that I blush and try to push my legs closed.

“No. You keep that pussy right where I can see it.” His mouth runs up my thighs and I feel his teeth scrape along my soft skin until he reaches the apex of my thighs and I can’t even breathe I’m so ready for his touch. Then his mouth moves closer and I can feel his warm breath puff out along my lower lips.

“Oh god, Finn. Stop teasing me. I can’t take it anymore.”

He shoots me a devilish grin, his dark hair falling across his forehead. His green eyes sparkle with need and desire. My pussy clenches and then he leans in and gently, oh so gently runs his tongue lightly along my seam.

“Fuck! You taste so damn good, baby.” His gritty voice skates along my bare skin like an electric shock.

Then he dives in and licks my pussy so hard that it feels like he’s trying to devour every bit of my juices all the way to my soul.

Over and over his mouth and lips and tongue work my clit and my pussy until I’m shaking like a leaf in a hurricane.

“Oh, dammit, Finn.” I arch my back up into him but his arm moves until he can push my hips into the bed and hold me still. He works me, eating me out like his damn life depends on it, grunting and growling like a fucking wild animal.

I feel the pressure building up in my core, tightening until it feels like I’m stretched taut as a wire. Then the wire snaps, my eyes blur and I throw my head back, screaming to the ceiling. He doesn’t let up though, his tongue busily gathering all my juices and sucking them down. Another spring unwinds and I lock my legs around his head while he devours me.

“Oh, shit, Finn! Stop!” My hands tangle in his hair and pull at his head. I can’t take it anymore. It feels like every one of my nerve endings is on fire and bare to the flames.

He finally lets up and I pant, trying to catch my breath. I close my eyes and lie back, exhausted and wrung out. But in the best damn way. My muscles feel like jelly.

“I’m not done with you yet.”

With those words he slams his dick home all the way to the balls and I scream, shuddering and wrapping myself around him. Pleasure and pain slam into me until I can’t tell the difference between the two.

It’s all a blur of ecstasy that feels never-ending.



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