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Her pussy closes around me and I can’t breathe. Every thrust and stroke is sweet ecstasy. My dick hits someplace deep inside her and she moans, her legs tightening around my waist until her heels are drumming into my back. Her nails dig into my back, raking it into ribbons of flesh.

I don’t give a damn. She can rip me to shreds as long as she stays with me. As long as she gives me all of herself.

“I need you so much, Candy.” My eyes search hers and I groan, my lips lightly caressing her throat and cheeks. “I cannot live without you. You are my whole world. I can’t breathe when you’re not where I can see you. I can’t make it through one day, one hour without wanting to bury myself in your sweet heat, lose myself in your body until we’re one.”

I thrust harder and deeper and her head rolls back on the pillow, her golden hair spread out like a halo, the golden-brown of her eyes lit with fiery whirls of green fire. Her mouth is sweet coral temptation and I can’t resist it.

I kiss her desperately, sinking into her until my tongue wraps around hers and we fight for air. Each thrust shakes her tits and I groan, one hand wrapping around one of her breasts, flicking her nipple until she gasps into my mouth. A zap of electricity skates along my nerve endings, ending in my spine. My balls draw up and it takes everything in me not to just blow my load right this second.

“Don’t stop, Finn,” Candy pants desperately, her voice husky and strained, her body bent like a bow as she struggles to find her orgasm.

Then I reach down and pinch her clit lightly, wedging my hand between our bodies. Her curvy body arches until she’s bent almost in half. She screams and her pussy wrenches tight around me until I can barely move.

I grunt and push harder and harder, higher, faster. My dick jerks in her tight, wet heat and jets of my seed hit her walls, exploding out of me like a fucking firehose. She shivers and falls to the bed, her chest rising and falling rapidly, sweat glistening on her ivory skin.

I fall to the side, careful not to crush her and pull her across me so my dick stays inside of her. I don’t want to leave her. Ever. It feels too damn good. Too perfect.

Her head lifts and I can’t stop staring at her. She’s so damn beautiful.

“You are so gorgeous right now, baby girl. All flushed and pink and wet with my seed.”

“Finn!” she whispers, swatting at me.

“What?” I ask, innocent as a newborn.

She shakes her tousled head at me. I drag my hand through her wild hair and wrap it around my fist. I should have done that while we were making love but I’ll remember that for next time.

“That’s very dirty,” she says, flushing pink.

I lean over and whisper in her ear. “You love it.”

She sighs and leans down, resting her soft cheek on my chest, twirling my hair with her slender fingers. “I really do. I love all of it.”

“Good. Because I intend to keep you tied to this bed until we have at least four more little Edisons.”

Her mouth falls open and her hazel eyes widen, lashes fluttering wildly. “ I don’t think so.”

“You don’t want more kids?” I ask, my heart hurting. If she doesn’t want more, I’ll go along with it. But I’m fascinated with Edison and I’d like to have more. Like to make more and watch her grow round with my babies. I can’t stop picturing it. Primitive pride swells in me.

“I do. But not that many. Maybe one or two more.”

I smile but inside I’m already figuring out how to talk her into more. I want to see her pregnant more than I want anything in this world except for my family.

I scooch up in the bed and tug Candy up to me. She lifts an eyebrow at me and I groan. Damn, she’s sexy.

“I need to talk to you, baby.”

“What?” Her body tenses and I run my hands lightly down her back.

“Relax. I just have to ask you something.”

I hold my breath and reach over to tug open the end table drawer. I pull out the velvet box and Candy’s eyes widen, tears starting.

“Candy. I know this is sudden and if you want to wait awhile to actually have the ceremony I’m okay with that.” He grins. “Well, I’ll do it. I won’t say I’m okay with it. I want to spend every minute of every day making you happy and taking care of you and our family. I want to raise our kids and watch them fall in love and find their own happily ever afters just like I found when I found you. I want forever with you. Want to grow old with you and when my last breath comes, I want to be watching you when my eyes close for the last time.”

Tears stream down her pale cheeks and she whispers. “I can’t stand the thought of you ever leaving me. Even when we’re old and gray. It will break me when you leave me. And I’ll follow right behind you because I just can’t be without you.”

I lean down and kiss her mouth, tasting her salty tears on my tongue. “I want you to keep living a good long life. And when it’s time, I’ll be waiting for you, waiting to hold you in my arms and never let you go again.”

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