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“Will you marry me, angel?” She nods her head wildly, the tears coming fast and heavy. She sniffles and I chuckle softly, brushing her tears away lightly with my thumbs.

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes.” As soon as she says yes, a whimpering wail comes from the baby monitor.

“I think Edison wants to get in on the action.” I grin. “You stay here. I’ll bring him.”

But when I reach the bedroom, I sit down in the rocking chair and cuddle his softness. His big green eyes lock on me and it almost looks like he smiles at me.

“Well, Edison. Pretty soon, you’re gonna have a brother or sister if I have my druthers. Would you like that?” He gurgles and giggles and his fist smacks me in the mouth.

I laugh and catch his fist in my hand. “Scrapper. Let’s go see mama!”

And I walk down the hall and into my room, feeling my heart swell when I see her sitting up in my bed, my sheets covering her sweet curves.

She holds her hands out and takes Edison from me. And I watch her talk to him softly, cuddling him gently to her warmth. Contentment fills me and I slide in next to her, smiling and carefully touching Edison’s cheek.

“Happy father’s day, Finn,” she whispers to me and tears sting the back of my eyes.

This right here is what I’ve been searching for all this time. The woman I love with my son in her arms, both of them cradled in my arms, safe from life’s storms and disappointments. They’ll find us eventually but as long as I have my angel and our family, I’ll weather every damn storm and find every rainbow leading me back to them.

Epilogue one: Candy

“Can you believe it’s been a whole month?” I hear Finn chuckle and then I hear something I’ve been waiting to hear.

“Dada!” Edison’s clear little voice brings me to my knees and everyone in the room laughs.

Finn laughs and hugs Edison to his broad chest. I swear to god my ovaries just exploded. There’s nothing like watching a big, burly mountain man cuddling a little baby.

Across the room I see Harrison arguing with his little sister. She’s got a mulish look on her face and her arms are crossed on her chest.

Then she storms out and he follows along behind her.

“I hope Harrison is alright.”

Finn nods and kisses my cheek lightly. “He’s alright. His sister is just giving him fits. She’s still dealing with the grief from losing their parents. Unfortunately so is Harrison and the two of them are making it hard on themselves.”

I lean over into his broad chest. I smile up at him. “You sound so damn wise, Finn. Have you tried talking to him?”

He shoots me a dark look. “Baby, men do not talk about shit like that. We let things go and then yell when they get out of control.”

I shake my head. “Men. You’re all neanderthals.”

He leans over and whispers in my ear. “You like it when I go all neanderthal on your ass .”

“Shhh.” My eyes dart around the room but nobody’s paying any attention to us.

“I think I should go all Neanderthal on your ass later. After all, I think we need to get started on another baby. Edison needs a little sister.”

My face flushes and I run my hand down his broad chest, feeling his breath hitch.

“I think I like the sounds of that.”

My core clenches and I can barely stop myself from chasing everyone out of the room.

Finn doesn’t have the same qualms. “Everybody out. I need to make love to my wife!” he hollers and the whole room erupts into laughter when I smack his arm.