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Fishing? Ugh! I hate the smell, the waiting forever and the whole thing. Catch? I am the queen of bad pitches. If they used me for training camp, no one would be able to hit the ball. Mainly because every pitch would be a wild pitch.

I want him to have everything that he needs. And I think he needs a dad. A man in his life who can teach him how to grow up into a good man.

I know I could do it. I could be both parents if need be. But is it fair to him or Finn? That’s what I realized. I’m being selfish and chicken.

I walk back into the large room and smile at everyone although I know it just looks like a sick grimace.

Aster smiles, encouraging me.

“Okay. Finn had to take a break. I’ll interview him later. But for the rest of you…I’ll just ask you a few questions and we’ll keep this light and fun.”

I glance over at Aster and Fern, the only two women in the room. “So…ladies. You two found your significant others after you started making this calendar. Did it have anything to do with it?”

Both women shake their heads. Fern grins at Jameson. “Jameson and I actually knew each other in college.”

He smiles softly at her and a quick flash of jealousy hits me. I’ve never had a man look at me like that. Like I hung the moon and stars. “We screwed up the first time. And then I asked her for help and the calendar was her idea.”

“Really?” I turn to her. “The calendar project was your idea?”

“Yes, it was.” She giggles and hugs the tall, dark man in the sleek business suit and it’s like watching two teenagers in love. They radiate happiness. It almost hurts to look at them.

I turn to the other woman. “And Aster? Did the calendar have anything to do with your relationship?”

She shakes her dark head. “Not really. I was having work done on a property I own and Max was put in charge of the project. Under duress, I might say!”

Max laughs loudly, throwing his head back. “I would say that’s the case. But not for long after I met Aster. She completely won me over. I fell in love immediately.”

“What about you?” I ask Aster.

“I won’t say that it was love at first sight since he was insulting me at the time!”

I bust out laughing, unable to stop when Max shoots her a wink. “I changed my tune real quick so I say it doesn’t matter.” He smiles at me. “She couldn’t resist my charm either.”

“Ugh. Stop, Max.” She swats him and it’s so damn funny to watch the two of them. They’re definitely #couplegoals.

Some of the other men are still milling around and I focus on one or two of them at at a time.

“Hey, what happened to Finn?” One of the men asks. His steel-grey eyes dart around the room. “He’s supposed to help me with a project tonight.”

“What project is that, Harrison?” Jameson asks.

“It’s for my little sister. She wants her own art studio. I keep telling her there’s no money in art but it’s what she loves.”

There’s a look in his eyes that speaks to me. It seems like he’s pushed his own dreams to the side.

I hold my hand out to him. “Hi, I’m Candace. Can I ask you a few questions?”

He pulls his hand back, eyeing me like a snake about to bite him. “Like what?”

“You said you’re doing something for your sister tonight?”

“That’s a personal thing. It has nothing to do with work.” He glares at me and I step back automatically.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Another man steps forward. His light brown hair streaked with blond is in a casual disarray on his head. His brown eyes gleam with humor. “Shit, Harrison. Stop glaring at the poor girl. She’s just trying to do her job.”

“I don’t like to talk about my personal shit,” he grumbles. “You know that.”