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The other man snorts and holds his tanned hand out for me, giving mine a firm shake. “I’m Thomas. But you can call me Tom. Tom Gardner. I work with this asshole here.”

He reaches up to the big, bearded behemoth and claps his broad shoulder. He hides his mouth behind his hand and pretends like he’s whispering to me. “He doesn’t know how to behave around women. Little rough around the edges.”

I grin, struck by how good-looking he is. I wish to heaven I felt something when he touched me. But not even a tingle. That’s all reserved for Finn.

“I didn’t know it was a touchy subject.”

He shrugs. “It’s not. He’s just about akin to a vault. The guy never talks about anything. Sometimes when we’re on a job, I don’t hear from him for awhile and have to check to make sure he’s still working.”

The dark-haired giant with the bushy beard glares at him with steely eyes. “I’ve already said too much.”

I nod my head. “Yeah. Well, I’ll let you escape then.” Tom snorts and smirks when Harrison glares at him again.

“She’s got you pegged, man.”

I smile and walk away, blending in with some of the other men, asking them about the calendar and whether they’re happy, excited or what they think about the whole project.

By the time I leave, I’m exhausted. But it’s a good kind of exhausted. The guys were funny, charming, maybe a little rough around the edges. But for the most part it was like being at a party with sexy, interesting men.

And who the hell wouldn’t like that? If I can capture even a little bit of their charm in my article, it’s going to be a winner.

But underneath all the satisfaction of an interesting job, is worry about Finn and how he’s going to react to my surprise when he has time to calm down.

And although I refuse to admit it, there’s also a need to see him again.

I sigh and get into my car, dropping my forehead lightly to the steering wheel.

Was it a good idea to come home? Only time will tell. But for now, I just have to keep one little man happy and he’s waiting at home for me.

The rest will sort itself out one way or another. All I have to do is keep telling myself that I can’t let myself start wanting Finn again. That way lies frustration and eventual heartbreak.



Ihave a son. And the woman I’ve been desperately searching for for years is back… with him.

What am I supposed to think about all of this? I want to be happy and excited. I want to buy a damn ring and tie that woman down so fast that her head will spin.

But the betrayal of her lie, even if it is by omission, has me second-guessing all the emotions roiling around in my heart.

Damn, it was good seeing her though. She’s even more beautiful than the last time I saw her. I’ve dreamed of her for the longest time and it barely did her justice. Her long, honey-blond hair and expressive hazel eyes are so striking that it is impossible to miss her in a crowd. My body felt a jolt to the solar plexus as soon as she walked into the room.

Then my dick jumped up and practically cheered. She’s here! She’s finally here.

And then my brain kicked in. What the hell is she doing here? Where did she go in the middle of the night? Why did she leave me like that?

I barely got any kind of answer and the one I got was nothing like I expected.

My head reels and I sit back, my head resting against the cushions of my couch. I have a damn son. One that’s still a baby, really. The desire to see him, hold him and spend time with him is fierce. Much stronger than I thought it could be. I’ve never even thought about having children.

I watched Candy go home to her little house with the window boxes full of pretty little flowers. Followed her to her home and watched her go inside, fighting the need to go to her.

I need to think. But the other needs that I have are starting to far outweigh my mind’s desire to process what she told me. I want to own her, control her, make sure that she never gets away from me again.

I also want to protect and care for my son. I want to have a life with the two of them. I want to be a family.

Shock hits me. I’m not a single man anymore. I belong somewhere, with someone. I found my person and she has my child.

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