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A smile tilts my lips and I run my hand through my hair. I want this so damn much. I knew that I wanted to…no, I fucking needed to find Candy. But I had no idea that my feelings were still so strong.

It was all blocked out for awhile when I first saw her, looking so damn edible that my mouth watered with the need to devour her. Then anger reared up and overtook me and it was like a black cloud overwhelmed me. Consumed me.

If I could have, I swear to god I would have spanked her ass right then and there. For leaving me alone. For running from me. For taking my heart with her and hiding it from me so that it fucking hurt to breathe for the last two years.

My breath stilled as soon as I touched her. It was like a part of me settled and clicked into place. The thing that I was missing was her.

Now I just need to win her over and prove to her that I’m the one for her. I have no idea why she hid from me. Why she ran. But it’s over and done with and she’s never getting away from me again.

Of course, I’m not telling her that. She’s a runner.

I chuckle. There’s nowhere that she could hide now. I’m going to be on that woman like a gps tracker for the rest of our lives. She’s mine, I’m hers. And we’re going to be married as damn soon as possible. Because I don’t trust fate not to throw a fucking monkey wrench into things. And I don’t trust myself not to fuck things up. So I need to get her tied to me as soon as possible.

But how do I manage that? She definitely doesn’t trust me. And I’m leery of giving her the opportunity to get away from me.

As soon as it’s light in the morning, I’m going to meet my family for the first time and start our future.

I can’t sleep for the rest of the night, pacing back and forth and watching the sun gradually rise outside my windows.

My house isn’t the biggest but it’s a nice log cabin that’s perched on the hillside of the mountain. I watch the sunlight gradually rise over the pine trees of the mountain. My heart gradually begins to beat faster and stronger as the time to face my wary love comes closer.

When it’s barely daylight, I dress and head out to find breakfast. I assume that the boy is taken care of. My heart hurts when I realize that I don’t even remember my son’s name.

I take a deep breath at the door to the little cottage holding every different kind of bakery item I could find and two cups of coffee. I don’t know what kind she likes so I bought her one of those froufrou kinds with latte in the title. I’ve just got my standard black coffee.

I knock and smile when I hear soft footsteps at the door and then a sweet voice calling out. “I’m coming!”

The door swings open and she stands there with her mouth hanging open. And like an idiot I stick my foot in my mouth.

“Do you always open the door without checking to see who’s there? That’s kind of dangerous.”

She crosses her arms over her breasts, plumping them up over the top of her soft v-neck t-shirt. The emerald green color brings out the green in her hazel eyes, even as they spark with anger.

“Is that what you showed up here this early in the morning to ask me?” Her mouth firms into a tight line and she glares at me but I see her eyes dart behind her.

I see the little play area in the middle of the living room, with what looks like a small toy store blew up in it. In the middle of that is a little boy wearing a soft green romper. He’s happily banging on a set of pots and pans, completely ignoring all the toys. My lips quirk up.

“Is that him? Is that my son, Candy?”

She turns slightly and her teeth nibble at her bottom lip nervously. “Yes. That’s Edison.”

“Edison?” My heart stops and starts beating when the little boy looks up at his name. His bright green eyes so like mine light up with laughter and I can feel the tears stinging the back of my eyes. Dammit! I didn’t think I’d feel this strongly. But that boy is mine.

My eyes dart to Candy standing nervously in the doorway and I blink to get myself under control, smiling at her. I hold up the cups of coffee and bakery bag.

“I brought breakfast. I hope you’re hungry.”

She steps to the side and wordlessly invites me in. I let out the breath that I’ve been holding and move into the house, my body jerking to attention when I feel the heat from her body bumping into mine in the narrow doorway.

My dick pops to attention, slamming into my front zipper like a dog lunging at a bone. I grunt and turn to the side so she doesn’t see what she’s doing to me.

I drop the bags and the coffees at the table and nod towards Edison. “May I?”

She smiles. “Of course.” But I can see the fear and uncertainty in her eyes.

I crouch down on my haunches next to the boy and he waves a pot at me almost beaning me in the head. I take it gently from his hands and set it down. Then I reach down and pick him up carefully. He gurgles at me and sticks his fingers in his mouth, drooling down them.

“He’s teething,” she says apologetically.

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