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She got in her car and drove to Duke’s.

Before she could get to the front door, his garage door opened and she turned to go that way.

“You look nice,” he said to her.

“Thanks.” He was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. He looked great to her in anything. “So do you.”

He rolled his eyes at her with a grin, but she got in his SUV. He’d put a basket in the back. “I’ve got everything we need. Drinks and a blanket to sit on.”

“Sounds like it’s going to be perfect. Are we going to a public beach?”

“No,” he said. “We are going to my parents’ beach.”

“Oh. They don’t care?”

“They aren’t here. They are both in Boston. I didn’t know until this morning and decided this would be better. You don’t have to worry about someone seeing us.”

Now she felt bad about that. “I don’t care if people see us. I just don’t want your employees to know.”

“It’s a small island,” he said. “It’s bound to get back to people fast. We can keep it between us for now.”

She was happy he said that and decided to do this. She’d rather have the time to spend with him and talk more anyway.

“Thank you for that,” she said.

“It’s fine. It works for us both.”

They drove for about five minutes and then pulled down a long road that brought them to the water facing Plymouth. “You grew up there?”

“I lived here for all but the four years we were in Boston for high school when I was a kid. During college I lived on campus but came back here when school was out. After college I lived in Boston for a few years getting experience. The reason we went to Boston for high school was that Kelsey and I were playing sports. Kelsey was a swimmer. She came out here and swam in the bay all the time. She ended up swimming in college, but she needed to do it on a good high school team to even get to the college level and be noticed.”

“That was nice of your parents to do,” she said.

“We had the means and not many do,” he said, shrugging and getting out of the SUV.

“I bet even if they didn’t have the means or jobs to make it happen, they would have still found a way to do it.”

“Most likely. I’m sure your parents would have done that for you too.”

“They would have,” she said. “Not leaving their jobs or buying a new home or anything. But they would have figured something out a different way. I didn’t play sports or anything though.”

She was more into clubs and that was fine. That put her with people that had the same interests as her.

“What did you do? I know you said you weren’t into cliques.”

“I had friends. I was in social clubs. Things in the community. There were business clubs and marketing ones. Clubs for planning dances and events. Things like that.”

“Makes sense with what you went to school for,” he said.

She grabbed the blanket he had from the back and he got the basket. Then she followed him past the house and around back to the water.

“This is beautiful.”

“And private,” he said. “Plus we can use the bathroom here if we need it and not the public one at the beach.”

“A plus,” she said. “My place is so tiny, but it’s free so it’s fine.”

“Staying with your parents, right?” he asked.

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