Family Bonds: Duke & Hadley

Author: Natalie Ann
Category: Adult | Romance
Total pages: 116

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Family Bonds: Duke & Hadley

Duke Raymond comes off as a tough guy in the kitchen but those that know him well, realize he only wants what is best for the people he sees potential in. He always focuses that energy on his employees, but now he finds himself doing it with a woman. One he isn’t so sure he knows everything about and hopes it doesn’t burn him in the end as he lets his heart open up.

Hadley Breaton spent most of her life being a pushover and taken advantage of by those close to her. No matter how hard she tries to put her foot down or take a stand, she always finds herself stepping back and accepting things rather than having a confrontation. Life has changed drastically for her. She is starting over. With that comes a new career and man and maybe it’s time to do what everyone has been telling her. To go after what she wants. Only the minute she does, she realizes she might lose the man she is falling in love with.