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“Your lips.”


“Your tits.”


“This spot right here,” he said as he stroked a finger just below her jaw.

Harper let out a shuddered breath.

He leaned forward until his lips brushed her ear. “Your pussy.”

A whimper escaped her, making his dick twitch.

“You gonna invite me in, Harper? Or are you gonna keep ignoring the fire between us?”

The scrape of his lips over her ear had her shivering. After a second, she turned her face toward his. Their lips lined up, a breath away, and it was his turn to experience a ripple of sensation.

“D-do you want to come in, Jinx?”

Those words went straight to his needy dick.

“Fuck yes, I do.”


She’d lost her mind, and she was doing it.

Nothing had changed. Jinx was still a man, and she couldn’t let herself get overly involved while protecting herself.

But it had been so long since she’d been touched, and now that she knew what he wanted to do to her, she couldn’t deny the need any longer. His smoky voice whispering in her ear made it impossible to remember all the reasons this was a terrible idea.

She wanted pleasure.

She wanted touch.

She wanted him.

And now she was going to have him.

She watched as he shut the door with a forceful bang, hiding them from the rest of the world. Even with her skimpy pajamas, she was hot and already sweating.

He cupped the back of her head in one enormous hand and kissed her.

This kiss was nothing like their first. It had none of the comfort, sweetness, or tentative curiosity. Instead, this kiss promised sex Harper had never experienced. Sex with a man who knew what he wanted and had no qualms about taking it.

His tongue didn’t wait for admission into her mouth. It breached her lips with the same confidence he showed in all his actions. He held her hand in place as he plundered, stealing her breath and weakening her knees.

She stood there in motionless shock for a few seconds, her arms dangling at her sides. The first nip of his teeth on her bottom lip had her jolting into action. She moaned into his mouth as she grabbed onto his biceps. The ache between her legs had her grinding her pelvis against his thigh, searching for release.

“Fuck yes,” he panted out against her lips. “Rub that hot pussy all over me.”

She’d have been embarrassed if she weren’t already crazed with the need to come. Though she’d never be able to physically move him anywhere, she tried to tug him toward the couch. She wanted to feel his heavy weight pressing into her entire body.

“Bed. I’m too fucking big for that tiny couch,” he growled against her lips.

Harper giggled as they both spared a fraction of a second to look at the loveseat. “Bed,” she agreed. “Now.”

His dark chuckle had her rushing to the bed, which could also stand to be bigger. He’d need a king, at least, but the queen in the studio would do for tonight.

When she reached the foot of the bed, Jinx grabbed her shoulder and whirled her around. Before she could react, his hands were on her waist, and he tossed her on the bed. She hit with a soft bounce.

He stood at the end of the bed, staring down at her. Then, way too slowly, he drew his shirt up and over his head.

Harper propped herself on her elbows, watching the show as each inch of skin was revealed. As soon as he chucked the shirt across the room, he spread his arms and smirked. “Take it all in, baby.” He flexed, making his pecs bounce and drawing a laugh from her.

She should have known sex with him would be as fun as it was hot. Jinx knew how to bring playfulness to any situation. “Don’t mind if I do.” She took his suggestion, letting her greedy gaze roam all over his bare chest. If this ever happened again, she’d make a mental catalog of every hill, valley, and inch of ink. But that required patience, and she didn’t have it tonight. “I want to touch you.”

He groaned. “In a minute. Give me something to look at too. Like those tits, trying to bust out of your top.”

She reached for the hem of her shirt, but he shook his head. “Pull it down?”


He indicated her neckline. “Pull it down.”

Her breathing sped up, making her chest rise and fall rapidly. With unsteady fingers, she pulled the scoop neck of her tank top down. Her breasts popped out and squeezed together from the position of her top.

“Fuck yes, you’re sexy. Look at you like that. Offering those beauties up to me.”

He crawled onto the bed and up her body.

Breathing became difficult. Jinx was so big, dwarfing her just by hovering over her. “So pretty,” he murmured as he stroked a circle around her nipple.

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