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Harper bit her lower lip. Her back arched off the bed, pushing her breasts closer to him as though begging for more.

“What has it been? Seven years since you fucked?” He continued to draw maddening circles around her nipple.

If he would just move those fingers a half inch in, he could pinch her nipple and end the torture. “Jinx…”

He smirked. “Answer the question, baby, and I’ll give you what you want.”

The question. Oh yes. How long since she’d had sex? He wasted no time getting straight to the humiliating questions. “A-almost e-eight,” she whispered as her face flushed hot.

“That’s a long time.”

He had no idea.

“And you were so damn young when you went to prison.”


“So you basically don’t even know what you like? How you like to be fucked?”

She stared at him, face flaming. Why was he making her admit this? “No.”

“Hmm…” He stroked a thumb over her nipple in a gentle touch that didn’t give her half of what she needed yet still sent a shocking jolt to her core.

She cried out and arched up again.

“Bet you thought about it, though. Bet you’ve spent hours stuffing your fingers in your pussy as you think about it. Think about me.”

No one had ever spoken to her this way, and it set off a riot in her body. It was simultaneously the hottest and most humiliating conversation she’d ever had.

When she didn’t immediately answer, he stopped touching her.

She whimpered and said, “Yes.”

He circled her other nipple, chuckling as she growled. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, I’ve thought about it.” She swallowed. “About you.” Here goes nothing. “As I touched myself.”

His grin was pure sex. “Tell me this… as you thought about me fucking you, how did you like it? Was I soft and gentle?” His touch mimicked his words, stroking over her breasts with a light, easy caress that left goose bumps in its wake. “Or did you like it harder? Maybe a little rough?” He pinched her nipple.

“Aah.” She arched into the touch. Yes, this was what she’d been waiting for.

“A little filthy?”

He twisted, and the pleasure sharpened, riding the edge of pain. Harper squirmed.

She wanted more.

She wanted the same treatment for her other breast.

She wanted those strong hands everywhere.

“You don’t have to answer,” he said in a dark, dangerous tone. “Think I figured it out for myself.” His dark head lowered until he drew her other nipple into his mouth. And he did it just as he’d described—hard, rough, filthy.

Harper shouted. The hot suction of his greedy mouth made her stomach tighten. She clutched at his back to keep him in place in case he had the foolish idea to leave before she’d been satisfied.

A rumble of enjoyment reverberated from his chest. “Fuck, you taste even better than I imagined.” He moved to the other breast, sucking with the same vigor as before.

Almost eight years of repressed desire and unfulfilled need rose to the surface with such ferocity she couldn’t hold back. “Jinx,” she cried out as she pushed her pelvis into him.

As much as she’d initially thought they’d spent hours learning each other, touching, kissing, licking, and bathing each other in pleasure, she couldn’t do it tonight. She knew what she wanted, and nothing else would satisfy her.

He grabbed her ass and held her immobile as he ground his dick against her. She had no shame, rubbing herself along his length. But it wasn’t even close to enough. “Jinx, please.”

He released her breast with a rough chuckle. “You’re in a bad way, aren’t you, baby?”

His voice sounded like sin and promise all wrapped up.

Tomorrow, she’d be horrified by her wanton behavior. For the way she didn’t just let her mask slip but threw it on the floor and danced all over it. But Jinx was right. She was in a terrible way.

He rolled his hips, making her whimper, the damn tease. “You want this big dick, don’t you? Filling you up? It’s been so fucking long.”

She moaned at the promise in his words, but, God, if he didn’t do it soon, she might die.

“Tell me.”

“I want it,” she whispered.

“More,” he growled out. “Tell me more.”

Damn him. He was making it impossible for Harper to hide any part of herself and cling to the last thread of self-preservation. She squirmed but couldn’t escape the trap of his hypnotic gaze. Maybe that was it. Maybe he’d hypnotized her with some mind-control magic. It was the only thing she could think of. After years of keeping her emotions in check and letting people see only what she wanted them to, this man shattered it all with one touch.

There was only one way she’d get what she wanted, and it was to give him what he demanded.

“Jinx, please, don’t tease me. Give me your cock. I want it. I need it.”

His grin was entirely sex. “It’s yours, baby.” After throwing her a wink, he scooted down her body. “Spread these sexy legs for me.”