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Harper swallowed.

Fuck, he hoped she’d be swallowing his load soon. It would feel like he died and gone to heaven.

Next went the briefs. He pulled them down slowly, revealing his dick inch by inch. Harper’s breaths came in sharp pants.

“Shirt too?” he asked with a smirk when the briefs met his jeans at his ankles.

“Yes. I want to see all of you,” Harper said, though she didn’t take her gaze from the long shaft extending toward her.

He removed his cut and set it over the handlebars. As soon as he drew the shirt over his head, Harper yanked it from him and tossed it aside.

Then she dropped to her knees, and he groaned.

This would kill him for sure.

With quick hands, she unknotted his boots and helped him work them off. Once everything was piled on the floor, she rose to a tall kneel, and he spread his legs again.

She placed her hands on his knees and slid them up her thighs.

“You’re so powerful,” she said with awe in her tone.

He cleared his thickening throat. “And you’re so fucking hot I’m already burning up.”

“I’ve been thinking about this,” she said, eyes meeting his. “About how you’ll feel on my tongue and how I want to watch you lose control because of me and my mouth.”


She was his fantasy come to life.

She wrapped a soft hand around his aching cock and stroked. “Will you let me?’

“Fuck, baby, I don’t have a goddamn limit in the world. I’ll let you do any-fucking-thing you want to me.”

“That almost makes me feel as free as I did on the back of your bike.”

“You are free with me, Harper. Free to explore every dark, filthy fantasy you were robbed of experiencing.”

She stroked a thumb across the tip of his dick, where a tiny bead of fluid gathered. “I like that,” she said before licking her thumb.

His fists curled at his sides. “Jesus.” This was going to be an exercise in restraint like he’d never known.

She lifted his shaft, pressing it to his stomach as she cupped his balls. He grunted as she leaned into the sensitive sac. And then she was licking it, and he nearly swallowed his tongue.

“Fuck,” he shouted. He gripped the edges of his bike’s seat for dear life. “How the fuck did you know?”

She glanced up. “Know what?”

“That I fucking love having my nuts played with. Best goddamn thing ever.”

“I didn’t know. I just want to taste you all over.” She went back to mouthing his balls, alternating licks and little sucks until he was sweating, and his dick fucking hurt it was so damn hard.

“Harper,” he said on a groan. “Your mouth is fucking killing me.”

She hummed a happy sound. The woman liked driving him out of his mind.

She played with his balls, and they felt heavy and full as fuck. “Babe,” he said between harsh breaths. “If you keep this up for much longer, I’m going to come all over that pretty face instead of in your mouth.”

Her head popped up as she chuckled. “We’ll save that for another time. Tonight’s plans definitely include my mouth.” When her silky hand went back to his cock, he groaned.

Torture. Pure, erotic torture.

Harper circled the base of his dick, then angled it toward her mouth. She used that talented tongue all over his dick, running it up and down the sides, tracing the veins, and pressing it to his glans. His dick wept with the need to come, but she kept teasing him.

“Fuck, Harper,” he finally said when he couldn’t take it anymore. “You gotta put me in your fucking mouth. Please, baby. Stop fucking teasing me.”

Her grin was full of sexual victory. A second later, those lips parted, and she inhaled the head of his cock into her mouth. The hot, wet suction had his eyes crossing.

“Jesus, that’s fucking good.” The only way he could have kept his hands out of her hair was if they’d been cuffed behind him. Even then, he’d try his damndest to break the chains.

At first, Harper blew him with tentative lips, sliding him in and out of her mouth with shallow pulls. But the more vocal he was, the more confident she became. Soon, he was telling her what a hot fucking mouth she had, and she was damn near swallowing his cock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he growled out as he fought to keep from ramming his dick down her throat. It’d been many years, and he didn’t want to scare her off.

Harper wasn’t shy, though. Once she got fully into it, she held his thighs with a vice grip and bobbed her head on his cock like it was a delicious treat. Every so often, she gagged, and he saw stars.

Her tongue got in on the action, tickling under the head of his cock. It was so damn sensitive, he shouted and gripped her hair with punishing force. Instead of popping off his dick or ending the blow job over the rough treatment, Harper moaned the same sound she’d made when he’d sucked her tits.