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The man who held the photo up to compare me to it reaches out and tries to grab me, but Kane’s arm comes out, blocking him. The man stops, his eyes widening in fear of Kane. “We don’t touch. Ever.” The tone of Kane’s voice is one that lets everyone know he’s not messing around. I take a step back, not wanting to go with them.

“You think you’re untouchable, Santino, but you’re wrong.” The other detective flips the papers in his hand, showing another to Kane. He gives no reaction; his face and demeanor now calm.

“An arrest warrant.” My stomach sinks. They’re going to arrest Kane?

“We’re going to put you where you belong. You’re under arrest for kidnapping, and I’m sure there will be a whole slew of other things once we talk with—”

“I was not kidnapped.” I finally speak.

“You don’t want to play this game with me.” Kane’s tone is deadly. The man with my picture actually steps back.

“Turn around.” The man with the paper barks at Kane, his face growing red.

“I said I wasn’t kidnapped!”

“We’ll discuss this at the station away from Santino.”

“No.” I shake my head. “I’m telling you now. I’m not going anywhere,” I plead with them.

“Cuff him, Noris,” the one with the papers orders his partner. They’re taking him from me. Then what? They’ll drop me off with my father. Kane doesn’t fight them.

“Kane.” I stare up at him. Will this be the last time I see him?

“Go with them. Now is not the time to fight.” I feel like this is when we should be fighting most. He is going to let me go. Suddenly my cage isn’t a cage any longer. It’s been my safe haven.

“You can’t do this. How can you arrest him for kidnapping me? I'm telling you I wasn’t.” Now, I’m begging. I’m actually begging them not to take him, and let me go free.

“We have the arrest warrant. Like I said, Ms. Steiner, we’ll discuss this down at the station.” I look back to Kane, needing him to do something.

“Go with them,” Kane tells me as Noris finally gets up the nerve to cuff him. “There is a gun on my back.” Noris pulls it out as the other man with the papers motions for me to go toward the elevator.

The doors slide open, and the detective puts his hand on my back, ushering me in. “I warned you not to touch, Detective McFadden.”

“Enjoy prison.” McFadden pushes the button on the elevator over and over. He can pretend all he wants he’s not scared of Kane, but it’s bullshit. Regardless of how much he tries to hide it, the slight tremble in his voice and hand gives him away.

The whole ride to the station was a blur. I don’t know how long I’ve been sitting at the station, tucked away in a room. My mind spins with what the outcome of this might be. I’m more scared today than I’d been when I was in that trunk when Kane’s men had taken me. I’d had nothing to lose then. Now it’s a different story.

I lick my lips, still feeling Kane there. He kissed me. No, he devoured me. Then he let me go. I’m going to tell them it’s all a misunderstanding. They can’t hold Kane on anything if they can’t get me to say he did anything wrong.

Part of the reason I guessed Kane had been keeping me around was because I was a witness. Probably thought I’d go to the police. Now that he’s going to see that I won’t, there will be no reason for me to stay.

“Ms. Steiner.” A woman in slacks and a buttoned-up shirt steps into the room with McFadden.

“I want to leave.”

“See?” McFadden says to her.


“I don’t care who you are. I want to leave. Am I not allowed to leave?”

“We need to get a statement from you.”

“What statement? I told them I was not kidnapped.”

“Who is Kane Santino to you?” she asks, taking the chair across from mine on the other side of the table. I narrow my eyes at the use of Kane’s name. No one else calls him by his full name. It’s always Santino. Except me. An irrational jealousy fills me.

“I’m his fiancée,” I lie straight through my teeth. I don’t even know where the lie comes from, but it’s there.

“I find that very hard to believe.” Ouch. I’m guessing she knows things about Kane I don’t. I’m sure it’s about the women in his life. Or anyone close to him. The police probably keep a file on him or something. I thought the cops were all paid off, but what the hell do I really know?

“Can I go now?”

“Where did you and Santino meet?” I bite the inside of my cheek, wondering if I really have to answer their questions. I jump when the door to the room slams open. A man in a suit that is a touch nicer than the detective’s is standing there.

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