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“Have you lost your fucking minds?” he barks at them. Who the hell is he?

“Can I go?” I ask him before the shocked detectives can say a word. I think he might be more in charge around here than anyone I’ve encountered.

“Yes, Ms. Steiner. You are under no legal obligation to be here.”

“Mr. Black. I believe we have a problem,” I hear a female voice from outside the room say. He closes his eyes for a second. He’s pissed. “A big fucking problem. That arrest warrant doesn’t hold water. What kind of sham are you running here? I’m obliged to accuse you of kidnapping.”

“Mara.” He turns to face the woman. I can finally see her. She is tall with long, blond hair. There is no question that the suit she’s wearing costs thousands. I’d know. I’ve spent a giant chunk of my life cleaning ones just like hers.

“I’d better see Santino in the next minute.” She stares Mr. Black down.

“He should be out or will be any second,” he tells her. Mara lifts the phone that she has in her hand to glance at the screen. “My apologies. I think—”

“Step out of the way.” She cuts him off. The I will end your career expression on the woman’s pretty face drops when her eyes meet mine.

“Laurel, are you ready to go?” I nod, getting up quickly. We walk down the hallway, her heels loud on the tiled floor. This place has grown utterly quiet.

“Who was he?” I ask.

“The district attorney.”

“Right,” I mutter. “Who are you?”

“I’m sorry. I’m Mara Wingate. Santino’s lawyer.” She pushes open the glass doors. I follow her down the stairs.

“Thank you,” I say when we get to the bottom, not sure what I’m supposed to do next.

“Laurel.” I spin around to see Kane standing on the sidewalk next to a black SUV with the back door still open. He’s always so calm, but he’s not right now. “Come to me.”

My feet move on their own. He steps back so I can get into the open door. He slides in after me, slamming the door shut.

“Kane, ah—”

“I need a second,” he says before he suddenly grabs me, pulling me into his lap, his arms wrapping around me in a tight hold.

I’m back in my cage. I smile, letting my head drop to Kane’s shoulder.



I take her straight to the bedroom. “Do you know why we’re here, Laurel?” I start unbuttoning my shirt. Actions speak louder than words, after all. She came back to me. She had the chance to try and get away, and she didn’t. My little bird really went and sealed her fate. “You belong to me now. If you wanted to leave, you could have gone with the detectives. They would have saved you, but you don’t want to be saved, do you? You want to be mine.”

I drop my shirt on the floor. There’s a swift inhale as she takes in my washboard abs and hard pecs built through heavy manual labor. I tilt her chin up so she’s staring into my eyes. “Say it.”

“I-I want to be yours,” she stutters out.

“I’ll be good to you. I’ll take care of you, but in return, you do what I say, understand?”

She nods, but that’s not good enough for me. “Say it,” I order.

“I understand.” It’s not about control. It’s about how I can keep her safe. I’m sure that word is already spreading what she means to me which puts her at risk.

“Good girl.” I take her hand and press it against my crotch. “Feel that? I’m going to put this inside of you. Not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon. You’ve never had a cock inside you, have you?”


Someone would’ve died if the answer was the other way.

“I’m big and you’re going to be tight”—just saying that makes me want to come—”but I won’t hurt you. You going to trust me?” I need her to trust me.

“Yes.” Her voice quavers, but from the lust in her eyes, I don’t think it has anything to do with fear.

“I’m going to prepare you today. I’m going to kiss your pussy, lick you clean, and then finger-fuck you. You come as many times as you like today. Every day won’t be like that. Some days, I’m going to wake you up, bring you to the edge and make you wait all day to get satisfaction. Other times, I’m going to take you hour after hour and make you come so many times, you won’t even be able to move the next day. Up on your knees and give me your mouth.” I’ll make her crave me. Need me as much as I need her.

She pushes upward and lifts her face as if I’m the sun and she’s a thirsty flower. I cover her lips with mine, moving my tongue inside, softly fucking her mouth. She rocks unsteadily on her knees. I brace her with a hand over her breast and thumb her nipple into a peak. I pluck at it, pinch it, rub it until it’s throbbing. Her hand starts to squeeze my cock, and my knees nearly buckle at the sensation.

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