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I pull her fingers away so that I don’t lose my already weak self-control. She whimpers in disagreement and tries to wriggle out of my grip. I tear my mouth away and grab her chin again. “I thought you said you’d obey me in the bedroom.”

Her face takes on a slightly mulish expression. “Why can’t I touch you?” She reaches for me again, but I lean away.

“Because, little bird, this is what I’m going to put inside you.” I unzip and let my cock fall out. Her eyes grow huge with shock, and she shakes her head.

“I’m going to need a second, Kane.”

I tuck the monster away and zip up. “I know, little bird. That’s why you’re going to lie back and let me take care of you. I’m not going to hurt you. You’re mine now, and I take good care of all my possessions.” I’ll show her that even though the rest of the world might fear me, she has no reason to. I want to protect my little bird. Even from me at times.

I place a hand in the middle of her chest and push her down until her shoulders hit the mattress. I straighten her legs and pull her sweatpants off. Her white panties are dark around her sex, wet with her desire. I lick my lips. I know she’s going to taste good.

I run my finger along the elastic of her waistband. She shivers.

“You ever touch yourself?”

She pinkens, but her lips remain sealed. The rosiness of her cheeks gives her away.

“Do you pinch your clit or just rub it?” I slide my fingers inside her panties. She feels unbelievable—soft and silky. The thought of my cock inside of her makes me light-headed. I’ve never craved such a thing. My voice is rough when I speak. “What’s your answer, little bird?”

She swallows and then replies, “Rub.”

“Ahh, like this?” I circle her clit lightly, in featherweight touches that I know aren’t satisfying. She squeezes her ass cheeks together and tries to lift into my hand, wanting more pressure, a harder touch. I give it to her. “This way?” I slide my fingers along her full pussy lips and press the palm of my hand against her mound. The tip of my long finger slips inside her cunt. She lets out a shaky moan.

“Little bird, you are so tight. I’m going to have to be very careful with you.” I rotate my finger inside of her, letting her get used to the single digit. Slowly, I start to finger-fuck her. Her channel is hot and wet, and I want my cock in her so badly. I glide another finger into her. She stiffens at first, but her body opens, softens.

With my other hand, I push her shirt up and take a nipple into my mouth, sucking it hard. She clutches my head to her chest. Between her legs, I maintain my rhythm, diving deeper with every pass.

“Come for me, little bird. Let it happen. Don’t be afraid.”

Her hips jerk forward. Her body tightens. Her hands fall away from my head to grab the sheets. “Kane,” she cries. “Kane, I can’t—”

“You can, Laurel. You can. Let go. Let go.”

She screams as the orgasm sweeps over her. I jerk her panties off and fall between her legs, clamping my mouth over her cunt and drinking in her cum. I relentlessly work her with my mouth until she’s crying out my name again and again. When her trembles subside and her cries turn to whimpers, I finally release her pussy and gather her up in my arms.

“You’re mine now, Laurel. If you run from me, I’ll find you. Your life here will be beautiful and plush, and you’ll never want for anything, but make no mistake. You are mine.”



I jolt awake to the sounds of shouting. My heart pounds, fear trickling up my spine. I hold the sheet to my naked body, remembering where I am. The last thing I recall was Kane feasting on my body like a starved beast, a side to him I didn’t know was there rising to the surface. One that claimed me. He’d all but vowed I belonged to him.

Before then, I didn’t think Kane enjoyed being touched beyond when he manhandled me, which I assumed he did out of necessity because of my leg. People gave the man a wide berth. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit a few times I might have let his shirt I was wearing slip off my shoulder or rise up my thigh to gauge his reaction. I poke at the beast with more than my words.

“I don’t give a fuck!” I jump at the bellowed words that echo down the hallway before I hear a crash. My fear dissolves when I realize it’s a very pissed-off Kane. I wrap the sheet around me to go and see what the hell is going on. I almost trip over a pile of boxes sitting right outside the bedroom door. “Your apologies mean nothing to me.”

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