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Ash sighed wistfully from above him. "Her pussy, man, it squeezed me like a fist," Ash replied.

Nix nodded, again into the darkness, knowing Ash couldn't see him, but doing it automatically.

"She was like a geyser, honestly, she squirted all over me, my dick, my balls, I had her juices dripping down me..."

Nix's eyebrows shot up. Ash was going to town relaying this. Nix hadn't expected so much detail. He didn't mind it though. In fact, he appreciated it. He felt his own cock stirring in his pants. He moved his hand to rest it on top of his cock, the weight providing a pleasant pressure.

"Wet, then?"

"Wetter than a slip 'n' slide, Nix." Ash saying his name caught him off guard for a second. "She came quickly, and often, and I knew she wasn't faking it ‘cause her pussy did this shuddering grip around me, you know?”

Nix found himself purring. Nix felt his cock stirring in his pants. Yeah he had to hand it to the guy, Ash could talk dirty. Did chicks dig that kind of thing? It would have to be a girl up for some fun... he lost his train of thought as his hand inched down to his hard crotch. He hadn’t touched himself in a while. He shouldn’t. He felt that sense of what was right to do… and that pull of what was not right. How it got to him. Every time. How he knew he shouldn’t, but that just made him want it more. That sense of shame and guilt, constantly swirling, constantly ready to consume him at a moment’s notice. He absolutely should not start jacking off in a tiny cell with a guy in the bunk below him. To a story that guy was telling him about some chick he got with once. Nix knew that would be a sinful thing to do. Nix attempted to stifle a groan as his palm slammed into his hard-on. Fuck.

“You ever been with a girl who squirted all over you?” Ash asked.

Nix gulped. “Yeah. Fucking wild.”

Ash chuckled. And Nix felt good for having made Ash chuckle. It was like a hit of crack. He wanted it again.

“I knew a girl called Laura, too…” Nix found himself saying. He paused to think of her for a moment. He hadn’t thought about her for months. They fucked for a few weeks, she was fun but it fizzled out. Banging body though. His hand moved on top of his thin cotton pants.

He hadn't touched himself in ages. Conditions in his last cell hadn't been very conducive for any kind of self-care. Hell, he'd feared for his life, he didn't have the luxury of tugging the beast. But things were different here in Ash's cell. He felt safe. Nix felt like, for the first time in awhile, he was finally able to just... be. Something inside him felt calmed. For the first time, that churning maelstrom within his head was still.

Nix dragged a breath in and forced it out, giving in. He tucked his hand into his pants, found his cock, and gripped.

He couldn't hold back the hiss that escaped him.

Ash heard. Fucker, he was an observant little fucker.

"Oh, you joining in?" came the amused, almost smug reply from below him.

Fuck, Nix wanted to wipe the inevitable smile off that guy's pretty little face.

"No, I'm just-"

"Yeah, fuck yourself. Let go," Ash's breathy response came back.

And despite Nix’s rational mind saying no, his body said yes.

He heard the desperate groan of his own desire escaping his lips, he felt himself gritting his teeth. He felt the giddy plunge as his fist began furiously pumping. With such abandon. Reckless, unchecked. Fuck, he was suddenly accelerating at 100 mph off a very short runway.

“Nix, slow down, man, you’re going to tug it off."

Despite himself, Nix snorted with amusement. "Nah, I won't..."

"Hey, half the fun’s in the build up!” Ash mock scolded Nix again.

"I don't think-"

"You ever tried edging?" Ash's voice cut through his impending haze.


"Edging, dude, taking yourself to the edge, holding back..."

Nix frowned, slowing his fist. Ash got under his skin, got him thinking, got the brakes on. Nix was both frustrated and relieved.

“No, why would anyone want to do that?"