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Ash let out a devious chuckle. "’Cause then, when you do come, it's like... the hardest but the best of your life, man. If you take yourself to right before, then slow or stop completely, and... then go again... you can keep going for hours... do it over a series of days, and then, by the time it comes around to it, a puff of wind could make you come. And it’s fucking July fourth style fireworks, I tell you man..." Ash sounded convincing.

Nix casually continued pumping, staring thoughtfully up at the ceiling.

“Over a series of days? That sounds like a fucking drag-"

"Nah, like, the build up is so good man… I'm guessing you're a in-then-out kinda guy-"

Nix smirked now. ''Yeah."

“You like sex?”


Ash snorted. "I bet the girls loved the bad boy, tattooed vibe you've got going on."

Nix sighed slightly, casually pumping his cock now, slower. This was so wrong. He loved it.

"You wanna try it?" Ash's voice cut through the darkness. Through the stillness. Through Nix. Through his soul.

"Do I want to... edge? Here, now?"


"Like… with you?"


Nix’s mouth went dry.

Was that okay? He wanted to say yes. Was this normal? Two guys touching themselves… purposefully. Not just a random accidental thing like what was happening now, but actually planning it, together. Fuck. He wasn't sure. It's not like he'd had a normal reference point in his childhood. Or his teenage years. Yeah his teenage years had been far from normal. Nix pursed his lips, annoyed at the memory. He felt that temper flare and he wanted to lash out by rebelling. By doing exactly what he was supposed to not do.

"Yeah, fuck it, okay."

There was a barely perceptible stuttered breath from below. "Really?"

Nix rolled his eyes slightly. "Dude, don't make me regret saying it, yeah, might as well do something to pass the time for the stay-"

Nix heard a purr from below him. "Good boy Nixy," Ash hummed.

Nix hurt. He physically hurt. He'd never felt that before. Ash’s voice, telling him he was a good boy… calling him Nixy. No one had called him Nixy.

"Come on then," Nix managed to croak. "Tell me about your ex or whoever she was again..." He couldn't think, couldn't process it. He just wanted to feel.

"Oh, you liked my story, huh?" Ash's voice was unmistakably smug.

Nix gritted his teeth. He cared less than he thought he would about letting Ash feel superior. "Yeah."

"Plenty more where that came from Nixy boy, plenty more."

Nixy boy? Fuuuuuuck. That gripped him like a big, tight fist. It gripped him all over. His lungs. His balls. His throat. "Get to it, then," Nix hissed.

"I've got to tell you about Jessie, I can see you with a girl like Jessica, a real bunny boiler, she was..."

Nix closed his eyes and let his hand work him over as he shamelessly listened to and luxuriated in Ash's story. And the desire that spread like ointment all over his skin. From his toes, up his legs, into his body, his stomach, his ribcage. He felt it softening the muscles in his shoulders and back. His neck, like water. Up into his scalp like bristles on a hairbrush. Filling his skull. Filling his heart and soul.

And he saw that it was good. Nix was going to burn for this. But it was too good.

* * *