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“If you cannot concentrate, you will leave,” he warns them, making me grin wider.

“Concentrate? Have you seen her?” At Osis’s response, we all turn to see Althea in nothing but a lacy thong and tall black heels. He’s right, and we all stare, lost in the expanse of tanned skin, long limbs, and perfect ass and tits.

“No, behave,” she tells us. “We need to be prepared. Red, Nathair?”

“Red,” he murmurs then coughs. “Yes, red.” He looks her over once more before turning to the dresses. “Be the death of me,” he mutters, making her giggle.

He stares at the dresses for a long time, and Althea arches her brow. “Nath?”

“None of them are good enough for you.” He huffs and steps back. “They do not do you justice. Nothing will ever be good enough to drape across your body.”

Her eyes widen. He’s completely oblivious to the effect his words have on her, and I hide my smile as she stares at him until he sighs.

“Maybe I could ask the fey—”

“Nathair, come here,” she commands.

He frowns but heads over. She grabs him and kisses him. I watch, shifting my hard-on as he groans, and when she pulls back, he just blinks at her. “What was that?” he whispers, over his dress meltdown.

“Because you are incredible. Now, one of these dresses will be amazing, I promise, so find it for me.”

Blinking, he turns to the dresses and just stares at them, not really seeing them.

“Dress, Nathair,” I tease.

“Right, dress.” He coughs, shooting me a thankful glance. After trying on five more, we finally find one we all agree on before picking out accessories. She eyes us hungrily, wearing nothing but the thong and heels as she scrapes her new accessories across her chest, leaving a cut. The sharp claws are made of fey silver and cover her nails. I can’t wait to feel them in my chest as she rides me.

Azul is the closest, and she wraps her arm around his neck and tugs him to her. His mouth seals on the cut, making her groan as her head tilts back. She meets my gaze where I’m sitting forward in my chair. “Do you want to taste my blood?”

“Yes,” I growl.

“Then crawl to me,” she orders, her lips curved in a smirk. She knows the power she has over us. Naked and more beautiful than any queen before her, she stands tall and arches her eyebrow. “Well?”

When your queen orders you to crawl, you crawl. Slipping to my knees, I keep my eyes on her as I crawl towards her like she is my home, my everything, because she is.

I crawl towards my queen, stopping when I reach her leg then kissing up it until she lifts her heel and presses it to my chest, pushing me back.

“Kiss my shoes,” she orders.

I lift her foot and trail my lips along the heel, watching lust bloom in her eyes. Her fangs lengthen, and as I sweep my tongue across her shoe, I feel her shiver. She might be in control, but she isn’t immune to us. We are hers, but that makes her ours as well.

“Would you die for me, Reve?” she asks.

“Yes,” I answer without pause.

“Would you kill for me?”

“Yes,” I vow.

“Would you do anything I asked?”

“Always,” I tell her with a kiss.

“Then rip open your throat and let me see you bleed so I can coat myself in it.”

The image stuns me for a moment.

“When our queen gives an order, you do it,” Nathair barks when I don’t instantly obey.

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