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Some of the drawings are of Knox and some are depictions of what I’m trying to convey as the mess inside my head. I draw until I’m too exhausted to continue and then I put my equipment back under my bed.

The drawings all have one thing in common and that is Knox being the monster in my story.Though at the time, I didn’t know there would be others.



I practically hadno sleep last night and now I was just cranky as hell as I make my way down the stairs. I guess it didn’t help that I was sketching until I was too exhausted and my fingers started to cramp from going at it for hours.

My whole body hurt after I was done since I was bent over in an awkward position while sitting on the floor, sketching the whole time. No wonder I couldn’t sleep when I finally made it to bed.

The pain was worth it though because these new ones came out amazing. I loved them because in them I saw just how much my skills have improved in the last few months especially with this new set. The only thing I really hated was the subject of my art.

Knox Riverside…

I wish my mind wasn’t so intrigued by the guy. I wish I hated him as much as he hates me but apparently that isn’t the case no matter how hard I try. He just has to look at me and instantly all my attention is focused on him. I mean, how could it not? The guy was a masterpiece. That’s why I keep drawing portraits of him.Well, they’re not exactly portraits per se.

When I get to the kitchen, I’m surprised to see my mom and Jonathan there. I didn’t think I’d see them this morning. I thought they’d have left already since they have a gazillion dollar company to run.

“Good morning,” I say to them both as I walk further into the kitchen.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Mom says.

“Good morning, Raine,” Jonathan says. “How did you sleep? Do you like the new place?”

“I slept okay,” I lied. “And yes. You have a very beautiful home,” I tell him with a forced smile on my face. It’s not a lie because it really is a beautiful home.

“Well, I’m glad you like it. Hopefully, in no time, you’ll come to think of it as your own home,” he tells me with a genuine smile on his face. I return his smile but don’t say anything. The truth is, this will never be or feel like my home. Knox will do everything in his power to not let me feel safe. I’m sure if he could kick me out of here, he would.

“What would you like for breakfast, miss?” one of the maids ask.

“Just an orange juice please,” I tell her with a warm smile.

“You’re not eating breakfast?” Mom asks. I hate it when she pays too much attention to me.

“I’ll grab something at school, Mom. I’m late because I have an early study session,” I lie. She gives me a disapproving stare to let me know that she’s not happy with me at the moment.


“I’ll see you later, love you!” I say, cutting her off as I rush to make my way out of the kitchen before she can say anything else. Curse the deities if there is one because I run smack dab into Knox’s hard and muscular chest as I am about to head out of the kitchen. “Shit, sorry!”

“Watch it, fat ass!” he grumbles low enough so that I’m the only one who hears his insult.

“Good morning to you too, dickhead!” I grumble under my breath. I’m just about to make my exit when Jonathan speaks.

“Oh, Knox, I’m glad you’re up and ready to go! I’m going to need you to give Raine a ride to school until her car is fixed,” he says, and I’m wondering what happened to my car.

“Um, I can drive myself. My car is fine,” I say dumbfoundedly.

“Sorry, I forgot to tell you. When the guys brought your car here yesterday, all four of the tires were flat,” Jonathan tells me.

“How?” I question.

“No idea but anyway, I’ll get some new tires for you,” he says smiling at me.

“Umm, okay. Thanks I guess,” I say with a tight smile.

I know I haven’t been in the right frame of mind for a while but I swear it’s like someone is fucking with me or something. If that’s true though, it can literally be anyone and I wouldn’t know who it was because everyone in the senior class hates me.