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A second later, it hits me. That’s what was wrong with my room when I couldn’t figure out what was going on the night I left Mom at the restaurant. Someone was in my room and some of my stuff was rearranged.

Fucking hell. That thought leaves me feeling cold inside. They aren’t just leaving this whole hate/bullying thing for just school. Someone or multiple someones broke into our house and were in my freaking room. Well, I’m sort of glad we moved now. I hope this place has good security so I won’t have to deal with that.

Back to the whole riding to school with Knox idea. For the record, it’s a bad idea. I don’t think Knox and I in the confines of the same car is such a good idea.

“Oh, no. It’s fine! I can just take an Uber or borrow Mom’s car so I don’t have to put Knox out or anything like that,” I tell him.

I mean, he and my mom are going to the same place so I’m sure they can go together while I use her car. Knox and I are going to the same place too but that’s different since the asshole hates me.

“Nonsense. You’re not putting Knox out because you two are going to the same school,” he says and I let out a sigh. There’s no use arguing with the man when he has his mind made up. At least that’s one thing he and his dad have in common. They’re both stubborn and like to boss people around.

I honestly never thought he’d be so nice to me. He’s super nice to Mom because they’re in love but I thought he’d treat me like I didn’t exist. But everything has been different from what I thought.

He’s definitely not acting like the rich entitled prick I thought he was going to be, though the same can’t be said for his son. I guess that’s why I’m always surprised when he speaks to me and it’s with genuine kindness.

“Erm, okay, I guess,” I reply, giving him a smile. Knox just snorts and rolls his eyes. The douche is always ruining any kind of nice moments.

“Let’s go! If you’re not in my car by the time I’m in it, then I’m leaving you behind!” he snaps at me, low enough again so that no one else can hear what he’s saying.

Now I have to run behind him just to keep up with the bastard. I hate this guy. I throw open the passenger door just as he opens his and quickly get in and buckle myself before closing the door as he sits down in his seat.

Well that was a close one. I barely managed to grab my bag from the stairs before I had to run after him. It’s not until he’s pulled out of the gates and is on the road do I realize that I left my phone in my room charging. Shit! Oh well, I guess I’ll have to do without it today. When we’re about five minutes away from the house, Knox pulls over onto the side of the road.

“Get out,” he says in a calm but deadly tone. Is this guy ever in a happy mood? He’s always mad about something.

“What?” I ask in bewilderment because what the hell is going on?

“I want you out of my car. You’re stinking it up with your disgusting smell,” he says through clenched teeth.

Seriously, what the hell did I do to him? I literally just went downstairs to the kitchen this morning and somehow he’s pissed about that? I’m so confused with my life right now.

“Seriously? That makes no fucking sense!” I yell at him.

“Don’t make me throw you out! Find your own way to school. I’m not your chauffeur,” he grunts.

Knowing that I’m not about to win this fight, I take my seatbelt off and then get out of his car, making sure to slam the door really hard when I get out. He doesn’t waste any time. He drives off and leaves me there in his dust. What an absolute asshole!

Of all the times to forget my phone it just had to be today. I start walking but instead of going in the direction of school, I walk in the opposite direction that will lead me to the abandoned warehouse close to the train tracks instead. Without said phone, I can’t get an Uber. I’ll just go there and wait until it’s time to meet the Venom Brothers to collect my stuff from them. This beats going to school anyway.

The walk takes longer than I anticipated and by the time I do get there, my feet are killing me. The door to the warehouse is ajar so I just step right in. It’s empty but at least there’s shade and I won’t be in the hot sun anymore. I walk to the very back of the open space and take a seat by the windows and just sit there.

I grab the paperback I put in my bag the other day. I’m still readingThis Love Hurtsby Nikita. Let me tell you, this book has made me cry multiple times already. Not that I need much to make me cry these days because you know, life sucks.

I’m deep in the middle of reading and sobbing when I hear a noise coming from the front by the door. I look up to see a girl with bright blue hair. I’ve never seen here before, but then again, I’m new here. I don’t know everyone in this town.

“Oh, um, hi. I didn’t know anyone was here. Are you okay?” she asks as she steps further into the open space. We look to be about the same age so I don’t feel threatened in any way but then again, looks can be deceiving. I’m a little cautious at first. I mean, I have experience with that sort of thing.

“Hi. Um, yes. I was just reading a book. That’s why I look like a mess right now. I didn’t know anyone came here but I can leave if you want me to,” I tell her.

“Oh no, you’re good. I wouldn’t mind the company if I’m being honest. Haven’t had a chance to meet anyone except my stepbrothers since I moved here like three days ago,” she tells me.

“Oh that’s pretty cool. I just moved here myself,” I tell her.

“How has it been so far?” she asks curiously.

“Want the truth or a lie?” I ask as a hollow laugh leaves me.


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