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“It fucking sucks. The kids here are fucking despicable,” I grumble.

“I take it you go to the academy here?” she questions.

“Yep. And I can’t wait to finish,” I tell her.

“Sounds horrible.”

“Are you going to be attending too?” I ask her. It would be nice to have another friend around school.

“Nah, my mother decided that homeschooling would be better since I’m such a delinquent,” she says, rolling her eyes. “Like that’s going to stop me.”

“Well that sucks. I could use a friend there,” I tell her.

“Just because I’m not going to your school doesn’t mean we can’t be,” she tells me, smiling.

“You’re right and I’d like that. I have like one so far and he doesn’t even go to school with me,”

“I’m Camryn by the way,” she tells me.

“I’m Raine,”

She takes a seat a few feet away from me and we settle into comfortable conversation for a while. She asks about the book I’m reading and I tell her all about it. She’s intrigued and said she’ll definitely be reading it as well. Looks like today is turning out to be a good day after all.

“Do you smoke?” she asks me a few minutes later.

“Yep. I just started,” I tell her and watch as she pulls out a blunt from her bag and lights it up. She takes a pull and then moves closer and hands it to me. I also take a pull before handing it back. Before long, we’re sharing it between us.

Hoping she won’t judge me, I take out the baggie from my bag. There are only two of Percocet left and I offer one to her. She takes it and gives me a huge smile.

“Ah, a girl after my own heart,” she says and I giggle. “Now this is what I call a party!”

In no time, we’re both high, giggling, and trading stories with each other. A few minutes later, we both suddenly stop laughing when three pairs of boots are standing in front of us.

We both look up to see the Venom Brothers standing before us in all their sexy and bad boy glory. Too bad they don’t do anything for me. The only person who always has my pussy leaking is my stupid stepbrother.

“Well, well, well… what have we here, little sister?” Ransom asks, looking directly at Camryn. She rolls her eyes at him.

“We’re not siblings. You guys are just my stepbrothers,” she says, slurring her words and my mouth forms an O.

“You didn’t mention that!” I slur back after shoving her shoulders.

“You know them?” she asks as she tips over from my shove and a giggle bursts out of her. “Oops.”

“You, little miss, seem to be quite the troublemaker,” Ransom says, turning to look at me, though there is no venom in his words. They just seem to be coated in amusement.

“Me?” I ask innocently, while staring up at him with my best innocent expression. He just laughs.

“We brought your stuff for you. And it seems like someone found our stash, right, boys?” he says to me and then aims his question to Wolf and Cyrus.

“Yeah. It seems like our sister needs to be punished,” Wolf says, looking right at Camryn. She rolls her eyes at him.

“I thought you guys hated me?” she grumbles, and an amused expression crosses all their faces.

“Oh look, yet another thing we both have in common. My stepbrother hates me too,” I say, as the pain that thought always brings resurfaces in my chest. I have to blink away the tears that want to form. There’s no way I’m crying in front of an audience.

Ransom hands me the pills and the weed they brought for me and I give them the money for it.

“You’re welcome to come party anytime you want to, bestie,” I tell Camryn.