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"What about her? She's asleep… and she's just a baby."

I kissed her neck again. "I… oh, I just. It doesn't matter…." She muttered.

"Good!" I uttered as Amy ran her fingers through my hair.

I lifted her hips and sat her on the counter, allowing my hands to massage her thighs. Then I pulled back, taking in the valley of her breasts as she wrapped her arms around my neck. And when my eyes lifted to hers, my hand flew into her hair, fisting it before I pulled her lips down against mine.

The sensation washed over me like the waves on the beach. I felt dragged beneath the surface in her undertow as it tugged me into the writhing surf of desire. Her arms tightened around my neck. My head tilted off to the side, deepening the kiss as my tongue ravished the roof of her mouth. She locked her legs around me, rolling that heated flesh against my stomach. And all I could think about was how deeply I wanted to bury myself between her legs.

"Come here," I commanded against her lips.

Amy lowered herself against me. Locking her legs around my hips as I carried her effortlessly to the bed. Then laying her gently on the mattress, I climbed up. I crawled over her, wrapping my hand behind her back before I effortlessly eased her farther up. Squealing with delight, she clung tightly to me as the scent of her womanhood wafted up my nostrils. I growled as I kissed her clothed tits. Finally, I settled her head against the pillows and picked up my remote control. Instantly, soft music drifted from the hidden speakers behind the bed.

Amy giggled. "Do this often?"

I reached for the other pillow and eased it beneath her head. "No."

She cocked her head. "So you just use this system when you're alone."

I tucked a loose tendril of hair behind her ear. "Yep, I just had it installed during the remodel."


I pressed her legs open with my knee. "Yep. Anticipating this moment."

I wasn't sure what caused her gaze to immediately darken with desire, but I didn't care. All I cared about was invading Amy's body until we both cried out for mercy, unable to continue another moment without making love.

So, I crashed my lips down against hers and felt her buck against me. Her body was mine to infiltrate.

Amy's kisses snatched my breath, and everything else fell to the wayside. I blanketed her body with my own as her tongue slid across mine. I was doing the unthinkable on Amy's first day at the job as Ava's new nanny! But I couldn't deny the warmth spreading throughout my veins with every brush of our tongues exploring, prying, and wanting more.

As she rolled her hips against me, I felt my thick cock pressing against the denim trapped inside my pants, and she did, too, as she eagerly touched me with her hands. Her legs spread farther, giving her damp folds room to breathe before my knee edged against her wet panties. She bucked into me, wanting friction more than ever before, causing her to groan out my name. "Oh. Mitch. You're so… please more."

I growled. "That's it, Amy. Let it out."

She shivered, and her nipples puckered under her bra as my hand grabbed her wrists, pinning them above me. She was vulnerable and beautiful at the same time. I felt as if I were on top of the world while I was above her, so I flipped her skirt over her hips.

"Hell, you're so beautiful, Amy."

I relinquished her wrists, and she watched as I pulled out my cock, and pleasured myself. In contrast, she watched every stroke, licking her lips, wanting what was leaking from my tip.

Amy grinned at me as my hand disappeared between her legs, and I pulled her panties off to the side. Then, in one fell swoop, I plunged into her depths. The pleasure washed over me as I felt catapulted into the clouds. And I bottomed out against her as I massaged her swollen clit.

"Take all of me, Mitch. Do it. Do it now!" She commanded.

So I started pounding away.

"Oh, shit," she whispered.

I growled. "So tight for me. God, Amy, you're so tight tonight."

Her back arched. "Oh, yessss, Mitch. I love it just like that. Don't stop. It's so — that's it —"

I captured her lips. "Come for me, Amy. Do it."

She bucked ravenously against me, meeting me thrust for thrust as her words disappeared down my throat. "Yes. Yes. Oh, Yes. Mitch! Please, Mitch!"

I moaned, "That's it, beautiful. Get it, girl!"

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