One Big Secret

Author: J.P. Comeau
Category: Romance
Total pages: 48

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One Big Secret

Fiery Passion, Perilous Past, Hidden Secrets
Desire Skyrockets…

Welcome to sun-drenched San Diego, where Mitch, a single dad and powerful executive, is blindsided by the revelation of his daughter, Ava. He turns to me, Amy Romero, his trusted friend, and irresistible confidante, to become Ava's nanny, blurring lines of friendship and igniting a spark of desire too potent to deny.

A simple agreement morphs into a whirlwind of passion and longing between Mitch and me. Amidst the chaos of caring for Ava, we grapple with a simmering attraction that threatens to consume us.

But the specter of our dangerous past rises, casting a long, ominous shadow. A relentless killer from our history reemerges, aiming to snuff out our newfound love. Mitch stands firm, ready to safeguard his family, and I'm right by his side, preparing to face the storm together.

Weaving through a complex web of crime and deception, we find ourselves leaning on each other more than ever. Our survival hinges on succumbing to our deepest desires, forging an unbreakable bond, and finding the strength to persevere.


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