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Finally, they ended up at the hotel. “We’re doing steak for supper. We’ll do room service for lunch, and then we have our pedicures at two and our massages at three-thirty. Do you think this is one of those places they make you wear a robe? I hate it when they do that.”

“I don’t know. I haven’t ever been here before.”

Dr. Lachele quickly checked in, and the two of them went to the elevator. “We’ll order lunch as soon as we get up there. I’m feeling like I need more red meat in my diet. I hope they have a huge burger.”

Shelby looked at the older woman for a moment. The last thing she needed was red meat, but Shelby said nothing. She wasn’t quite certain how there were so many favorable reviews on Matchrimony’s website.

Once they were in the room, Dr. Lachele immediately found the room service menu. After a moment of reading it over, she passed it to Shelby.

“It sounds like we’re having a heavy dinner, so I’ll get the chef’s salad.”

Dr. Lachele shook her head. “If that’s what you want. Maybe we can find a rabbit to share your lunch.”

Shelby shrugged. “As a doctor, I try to practice what I preach.”

“I’m a different kind of doctor, and I just try not to preach.” Dr. Lachele picked up the room phone and quickly called in their order. “Now, let’s talk about you. Tell me about growing up in Scranton.”

The psychological testing didn’t feel like a psych test at all. Dr. Lachele simply asked questions and made comments. It felt like an easy way to get through everything they needed to talk about.

When the room service came, Shelby put some cash on the table where they ate to pay for her own meal.

Dr. Lachele glared at her. “I’m buying your food while you’re with me. If you’re just starting a new practice, you have nothing to spare. Trust me, I know.”

Shelby nodded and reluctantly put the money back in her purse. “There isn’t any to spare today, but there will be soon.”

“I know how that goes.”

As they ate, they continued talking. Soon, Dr. Lachele realized they were going to be late for their pedicures. “Oh, I haven’t had a pedicure in at least two weeks,” Dr. Lachele said.

“It’s been over ten years for me.” Shelby thought for a moment. “Not since right before my senior prom.”

“Tell me about your prom.”

As they walked through the halls and took the elevator, Shelby answered, telling her about Nate and how they had the whole world figured out at eighteen.

“Most people don’t end up with their childhood sweethearts,” Dr. Lachele said. “Who was the first guy you dated in college?”

Shelby shook her head. “I’ve only ever dated Nate. In college, I spent all my time studying because I wanted to get into a good med school. I went to my choice of school, but then it was really hard once I got there. I just never took the time to date. Learning was more important to me.”

“What if your Nate had been in college with you? Would you have had time for him?”

Shelby smiled. “I would have because I wouldn’t have had to get to know someone all over again. Or find someone to date. I wasn’t about to go to all the parties on campus just to meet some alcoholic dud.”

“I was the same. Didn’t meet my Sam until after college, and I love him with everything in me.”

By the end of the day, Shelby felt pampered. The pedicures were amazing. She was a little freaked out when she realized Dr. Lachele had set up a couple’s massage for them, but everything else was good.

As Dr. Lachele drove her home, Shelby kept her eyes closed, refusing to panic the whole way. “I think I already have the right man for you. He lives here in Scranton already. I interviewed him two weeks ago.”

“Really?” Shelby asked, still not opening her eyes. “What’s he like?”

“I think you know my rules about that. If he agrees, do you have a church in mind?”

Shelby shrugged. “I’ve gone to the same church every day of my life.”

“Then text me the name of the church, and I’ll see what I can pull together. Find yourself a wedding dress in the meantime.”

Stunned, Shelby nodded. “All right.”

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