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“Yes, ma’am.”

My grasp on his dick tightens as he calls me “ma’am”. I don’t like that it makes me feel old. Fletcher chuckles and grabs my lower lips between his to placate me.

“Clothes off,” he says. “Or I’ll have to arrest you again.”

“I have your dick in my hand,” I reply sharply. “Try to arrest me and I’ll hurt you.”

“Assaulting a police officer? Pretty criminal stuff, Britt.”

“Good,” I whisper. “I like being a bad girl.”

Fletcher chuckles and then shakes his head. “Fuck, this is so wrong.”

“When are you going to stop caring?” I whisper, unbuttoning Fletcher’s pants while nibbling on his earlobe. “And start having fun?”

He closes his eyes and swears again. “Take my fucking pants off, Britt,” Fletcher pleads. “Before I come to my fucking senses.”

That’s the last thing I want, but I’m not entirely eager to lick Fletcher’s dick that’s already covered in his cum. I choose the more rewarding option. I want to see it. Fletcher acts like he’s the only one with desires, like because he’s a man, he’s automatically a predator and I’m automatically prey. I guess there isn’t a world where a woman can have forbidden desires too and where she can wish with all her heart that when she’s all grown up, her forbidden crush could love her back.

Easing Fletcher’s pants over his round ass is a damn treat. He has the world’s most delicious bubble butt and I can’t get enough of it. His taut flesh reacts as my hands pass over it. The smooth muscle of Fletcher’s well-formed glute bounces against my touch. Once I get his pants all the way off, my hands greedily rush to his butt and I grab his ass, pulling him against me.

Fletcher freezes in initial surprise. I keep my hands firmly on his ass and squeeze as I kiss him. When I pull away, Fletcher’s mouth gapes awkwardly. He doesn’t seem disappointed or violated, just shocked.


“You did that like you’ve always really wanted to do that.”

I run my tongue over my lower lips. Fletcher’s not the only one with secrets.

“You have always filled out a cop uniform.”

His ass looks great in navy and even better when he has his pistol in the holster and cocks his hip all seriously. Ugh. I’m not the only one who agrees that Fletcher Sweeney looks like a fucking dream and now I have his dreamy ass settled in my palms.

Fletcher kisses back and plants a soft kiss on my forehead.

“Knees. Please…”

I want him so badly that I don’t even care if his dick is sticky. Fletcher’s ass catches my attention but as his arousal grows again, I can’t ignore his dick. I struggled to get my hand around the shaft, but I couldn’t have possibly realized the complete length and girth of Fletcher’s impressive dick without seeing it like this. Holy fuck, he’s huge.

I can’t imagine wrapping my mouth around Fletcher’s cock, but I don’t want to remind him of how inexperienced I am in comparison. My chest swells with desire as I wrap my hand around the base of Fletcher’s staff and provoke a powerful reaction in him. His dick swells in my grasp and the head nearly smacks me in the face. I grip the base tighter and run my tongue around the head of Fletcher’s dick. He groans and his expressive moaning only makes me want to please him more.

My mouth spreads wider to fit more of Fletcher in my mouth. At first I can just get the head in, but I slowly suck air in through my nose and spread my lips wider to accept more of Fletcher. He pushes his hips forward, led by his desire and I struggle for air as I take more inches of Fletcher’s dick.

“Your lips feel so good,” he whispers. “I want to cum so bad…”

The thought of making Fletcher feel good enough to cum in my mouth sends a surge of pride through me. I don’t know exactly what I’m doing but he seems to enjoy the instinctive movements of my tongue and lips over his shaft as I create tight suction around his dick and move Fletcher slowly in and out of my mouth.

“I want to touch your hair,” he murmurs.

I slowly pop my mouth off Fletcher’s cock and he shudders in a way that seems a lot like regret. Still holding onto his shaft, I give him a confused look.


“Because it’s very thick. Beautiful. And I’ve always wanted to touch hair like yours.”

This is definitely a first time confession, but having Fletcher’s fingers running through my hair would only be heaven.

“Go ahead,” I whisper, forcing another aroused moan out of Fletcher as I run my tongue around the head of his dick and him back into my mouth again. Fletcher’s fingers sink into my hair and as he takes my curls between his fingers, he pulls me deeper onto his shaft. At first, his immense dick thickens in my throat and I can’t get any air in. I force air in through my nose and adjust to Fletcher’s size. Once I can get him in deeper, I grab his hips and then his delicious, meaty and incredibly muscular ass. His butt tenses beneath my grasp and I dig my nails into his bubble butt, pulling Fletcher’s dick deeper into my mouth.

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