Fletcher: Sagittarius King

Author: Jamila Jasper
Category: Romance
Total pages: 40

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Fletcher: Sagittarius King

He’s a small town cop who wants the one woman he can’t have — his best friend’s twenty-year-old black daughter.

Thirty-something Fletcher Sweeney falls hard and fast for the African American girl-next-door with bouncy brown hair and a behind that rounds out a pair of blue jeans.

Brittany has flawless brown skin, a gorgeous face and a body that stimulates his increasingly dark and inappropriate romantic obsessions with the younger black woman.

One problem: the cop’s crush loves another man — an aloof roughneck from the wrong side of town.

When Brittany gets in over her head with her misguided crush, she can face jail time, or obey Fletcher’s demands.

He never saw himself as a dirty cop…

But he’d never met a woman like Brittany, who could set fire to a Sagittarius Man’s heart.